Tips for emacs, Scheme, and debugging your code

This page contains a number of tips and tools, most of which I've talked about in class, for the following topics:

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Last updates: August 20, 2002

Using Scheme

Here are a few other commands that should make your life a little easier. These can all be found in the MIT Scheme reference and user's manual. I highly recommend browsing these manuals.

For some assignments, you will probably want to start Scheme with more memory. In UNIX, you can just give some additional command line switches. In Windows, you should probably create some new shortcuts based on the ones that already exist in your start menu. You can edit the shortcuts to add the following command line switches.

You can get information on the amount memory that Scheme is using with the command (print-gc-statistics).

Debugging Scheme code

Debugging is a learned art. Part of that art is learning how to use available tools to see what's going on in your code. Here are a few tools/suggestions: