Assignment 1 Information

Getting Started

On the CS department Suns, you will need to edit your .bashrc file to include the following lines:
export CGAL_MAKEFILE=/projects/cgal/CGAL-2.4/make/makefile_sparc_SunOS-5.8_g++-2.95
export DOLT_MAKEFILE=/projects/arl/make/Makefile-dolt
After you have done this, you should run the command:
$ source ~/.bashrc
That will make sure that these environment variables are set. In the future, your new .bashrc file will be executed when you log in.

Create a directory to work in, and Download the a1code.tar.gz file to this directory. Then do the following:

$ tar xfz a1code.tgz
$ gmake
$ ./assign1 Problem1.txt
Compiling the program will take a minute and produce a bunch of output. When you run the executable, it should open a window and draw the world. Press 'h' to get a list of commands.

Notes on installing dolt (under linux)