Web Crawler - submitting your code

Due -- 11:59 PM (East Coast US) on Thursday March 6th

Project Submission

Please read carefully, mis-submitted projects or missing pieces can cause a lot of extra work and anxiety for students and professors.

All Submissions:

Your submitted output file must be a crawl taking the starting file as input and producing the output as specified. The crawl must be performed after 10PM on Tuesday, March 4. Prior to this time, students are welcome to discuss output and compare results, after this time, you should NOT exchange information about your results.

Your submission will be a tarball (details below) - you will email it as an attachment to hendler+teaching@cs.rpi.edu

You must use the following subject - "Submission-Web-Science-Asst1-Lastname" -- where "lastname" is your lastname. Please use the hyphens as shown.

What to include in the tarball

If you did the assignment in Java: Then you should include your code and the output file. If you only use the JDK libraries, then you don't need to include anything else. If you used other libraries, be sure to document them and provide pointers or include appropriate code. Comments in the code as to external library use is sufficient.

If you use another language: You need to include your code, the output file, and the description of what you did (as discussed in the assignment). Please put the latter in a file called "Description,txt" and make it a plain text file. If there is something that needs to be loaded to run your system, you must let us know. Also let us know where it is (and loading info), and make sure it is legitimate for you to use it (make sure you're not illegally downloading something) and share it with us.

Running your code

We reserve the right to run your code before providing a grade (and to use the inability of the code to run as a reason to give a poor grade). If we do not find the appropriate information, or if we cannot load the libraries, then you may be asked to demonstrate the code for us. At that point, we reserve the right to ask you to show us that the code you are running is the same as you sent us (i.e. we may make you demonstrate it from he tarball we receive). Make sure you save whatever you need to make this possible.