Final Project - Web Science

In this course we have discussed many aspects of the Web - the architecture on which it runs, the basic structures of the web graph and related areas, the algorithms of crawling and search, and the Semantic Web. We have also had lectures on Web services and social networks, and have discussed the basic idea of "social machines."

Your assignment, is to do some Web Science of your own:

The assignment can thus be a piece of code, a paper, or an analytical piece (implemented, proven or written up) about some kind of Web technology.

Dates and details

As we were not scheduled a final exam time (I didn't know how it works here, sorry), the assignment will be due on the last day of exams (May 9) at noon. If you will want to do a demo, I will schedule some times in finals week (details later in the term).

You may work alone or with a partner, I will consider larger groups on a case by case basis.

This is pretty wide open - but here's some rules of thumb:

Project Proposal

A 1-2 paragraph write up of your proposal (including the names of the participants if a group project) should be submitted via email to by Thursday, 4/17 at noon, but sooner is fine. I will let you know if it is approved, or needs modification.