Homework 1 - csci 4964/comm 4965 - Web Science6

Due: Thursday, Jan 31

Reading: Technical Arch WWW Sections 1 and 2.

  1. For each of the following Web resources, find it's URI, and for each URI: identify the URI scheme, the server it is being sent to, the hierarchical body, the fragment ID if there is one, and any "extra" internal stuff if there is any

  2. What is a "web page"?

  3. Find a URI on the Web that contains more than just hierarchical information. List the URI, describe what is represented by it, and describe what you think happens at the server with the additional info (this can be just your best guess based on the "text" of the URI).

  4. The Architecture document has several versions listed on its title page: this version, most recent version, previous version. Using the terminology of Section 2 of the document (URI aliasing, URI collision, etc.) what is going on here? Is this document consistent with its own recommended best practices and principles? Why or why not?

  5. In English, the term "sic" is used to indicate an error in usage that is being quoted (More info on "sic"). Why is it used in section of the TAWWW Rec?