Preparing for the midterm


Believe it or not, we've actually covered a lot and, I hope, you've learned a lot about the infrastructure of the World Wide Web.  Here's what I believe you should know based on the material we've gone over in class (and if you are comfortable with these topics, you should do well on the midterm):


1 - Architecture of the World Wide Web

  Section 1

    URIs, resources and representation

  Section 2 - URI best practices


2 - URIs and HTTP headers in Detail

  The material covered in the slides at

    is all fair game

        esp. URIs vs. URLs

        The parts of a URL

     HTTP response types (by class, not by number)

     The HTTP request methods

     HTTP headers


3 - Web architecture in practice

 What is a three-tiered web app (dynamic content server) and how is it accessed.


4 - spidering

  by now you're all experts in this


5 - Caching for efficiency

 Server side caching

 Conditional gets (the HTTP header fields used and what they mean)


6 - page rank and search

  The page rank formula (and being able to apply it)

  Relationship between crawler and search engine

  Reverse Index and what it comprises (pages, words, word locations, special features)


I won't promise that I won't add something not directly on this list, but I repeat, if you're comfortable with this material, you should do well.