Introduction to Graphical Human-Machine Interfaces

Welcome to the home page for the Spring 1997 computer science course in Introduction to Graphical Human-Machine Interfaces. Here you can find the class schedule, project descriptions, class handouts, lecture notes, and other resources related to human-computer interaction and user interfaces. Use the quick links in the bar below to jump to a specific area if desired.

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Wed 04/23/97

Mon 04/21/97


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Here is a list of important dates: Mon 04/21 (start of class) Research papers due <---- extended!! Mon 04/21 (in-class) Student Presentations Wed 04/23 (in-class) Student Presentations Mon 04/28 (in-class) Student Presentations Wed 04/30 (by midnight) Project #2 due

Here is a list of the paper topics chosen by the students. Presentations of these topics will be done near the end of the term.

Here is a brief look ahead:
04/21 Student presentations Readings14 Discuss14

Research papers due (start of class!)
04/23 Student presentations


04/28 Student presentations Readings15 Discuss15

04/30 To Be Announced course evaluations

Project #2 due (by midnight)

Please see the course schedule for the complete schedule. For important dates see the Rensselaer academic calendar.

Weekly Discussion Question

Weekly discussions are carried out on the newsgroup rpi.courses.Spring97.GHMI. You should make sure that you post comments for each week's discussion question. Discussion questions often relate to the weekly readings or to other material discussed in class.

This week's discussion question is:

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Teaching Staff


Meet the students!


Please refer to the reading list for required and optional readings as well as information about what has been placed on library reserve.

Research Papers

To learn what topics have been chosen, to obtain a template, or some guidelines about the presentations, please refer to details about the research paper.

Programming Projects

Detailed information about projects is now available. Here is a summary of the projects:

In-Class Group Exercises

Throughout the course you will have the opportunity to perform some in-class exercises with a small group of your classmates. These exercises will give you the opportunity to practice some techniques used in the design, evaluation, and usability of user interfaces.

Below is a chronoglogical list of in-class exercises.

Video Labs

Please refer to the chronological list of videos for dates shown in class and due dates for the video lab reports.

Course Handouts

Lecture Notes

Other Useful Resources

Feel free to explore the links below to learn more about HCI and user interfaces. We will be updating this list periodically so check back often!

General HCI
Mikael Ericson's HCI Resources on the Net | Hans de Graaff's HCI Index | Keith Instone's HCI Virtual Library | Yahoo's index on HCI | Edgar Matias' comp.human-factors FAQ
HCI Resources: CSCW and GroupWare | Team IT: The Forum for Computer Supported Collaborative Working | Tom Brinck's CSCW & Groupware Index
JavaSoft Home Page || JavaSoft Home Page (Java applet version) || Sun's Java Tutorial
Web Usability and Web Design
ACM SIGCHI Web HCI || Jakob Nielsen's Usability Site; see also his Alertbox column on web usability. || Interface Design for Sun's WWW Site || GVU's WWW User Surveys || The CHI-WEB mailing list || The Web Architect of Web Review || HCI-Index: WWW-related issues
HCI Research at CMU
Garnet Project Home Page || Amulet Project Home Page || CMU School of Computer Science || Brad Myer's Home Page || List of User Interface Software Tools
Human Computer Interaction
Pointers to HCI resources
X Toolkit Programming
Spring 97 Course Page for 35.475 Computer Graphics || Some example Motif programs || Index to Major X Windows Sites || Motif FAQ || MW3: Motif on the World Wide Web || The X Consortium || XWindows Resources from Yahoo

Jakob Nielsen's personal site on usability

RPI Info CS Home Page

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