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CS 66-460
Introduction to Graphical Human Machine Interfaces

An Overview of User Interface Software
(Part 3)

MONDAY, MARCH 17, 1997

Instructor: G. Bowden Wise
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Spring 1997


The Component Layers of UI Software (Review)


Categories UI Software Tools

Toolkits (Review)

Virtual Toolkits

Virtual Toolkits (continued)

There are two styles of virtual toolkits:

Actual Widgets

Virtual Toolkits (continued)

Re-Implements the widgets

Virtual Toolkits (continued)

Higher Level Tools

Prototyping Tools

Interface Builders

Application Frameworks

Toolkits are difficult for programmers to use:

Application frameworks are very popular now:

Application Frameworks: Examples

Other frameworks are for specific types of applications:

User Interface Development Systems

Research Issues

Research Issues
Need for new programming languages

Research Issues
Increased Depth

Research Issues
Increased Breadth

Research Issues
End User Programming Customization

Research Issues
Application UI and Separation

Research Issues
Tools for Tools

Bowden Wise
Mon Mar 17 11:04:17 EST 1997