Introduction to Graphical Human-Machine Interfaces
Research Paper


A wide variety of topics have been selected for the research papers.


You should format your paper as best you can to follow the CHI conference format (here is a sample (postscript) of its formatting. It is suggested that you use one of the following templates. That way you merely have to replace the content found in the template and not have to wrestle with formatting settings. If you do not wish to use one of these templates. That is fine. But you should try to format your paper as close to the CHI conference format as you can. At a minumum, your paper should follow these conventions:


For each paper, there will also be a short presentation. These will be done in-class on April 21, 23, 28 and if necessary on April 30. Make sure you sign up for a slot!

You should plan on a 10 minute presentation with 5 minutes for questions.