Introduction to Graphical Human-Machine Interfaces
Research Paper Presentations Schedule

Monday, April 21
1. Alex Holmansky Email Overload: Expolring Personal Information Management of Email
2. Phillip Thorne 3D Magic Lenses
3. Krzysztof Habich Auditory Interfaces
4. Man Lee Does Animation in User Interfaces Improve Decision Making
5. Joseph Annino and Rick Tossavianen Head-Tracked Orbital Viewing: An Interaction Technique for Immersive Vurtual Environments

Wednesday, April 23
1. Richard Fantozzi, Dave Harris Using the Web Instead of a Window System
2. Linda Lim A gesture recognition architecture for sign language
3. Michael Gottlieb Sensuality in Product Design: a Structured Appraoch
4. Bryan Herger The Web Book and the Web Forager: An Information Worksapce for the WWW
5. Victor Yee Dual Device Interface Design: PDAs and Interactive Television

Monday, April 28
1. David Alan Garner Integrating Augmented reality with intelligent home systems P57
2. Colin Mitchell Designing the muse: A Digital Music Stand for the Symphony Musician
3. Ken Hopkinson and Shawn Larson Language-Level support for Exploratory Programming of Distributed Virtual Environments
4. Andreas Chalupa Scott Dewitt The Lego Interface Toolkit (**Tech Note**)
5. Robert Brandon Andy Malinowski The Design of a Long-Term Use of a Personal Electronic Notebook: A Reflective Analysis

Wednesday, April 30
1. Jeffrey Gomes, Patrick Lupiani, Manoj Wadhwani Reusable Hierarchical Command Objects (Amulet)
2. Matt Wilson, Jean-Etienne LaVallee, and Rebecca Weitzman Helping Users Program Their Personal Agents