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Graduate Program

Registration in Absentia

Doctoral students and thesis-based Master's students who have completed their coursework, and are physically located off-campus and not using institutional resources (e.g., labs, library, student services, etc.) can register "in Absentia." Doctoral students must have also completed the candidacy exam and qualifiers to be eligible. PhD students may register for a maximum period of one year. Thesis-based master's students may register in absentia for a maximum of one semester.

The fee will be set on a per semester and/or summer term basis. As of Fall 2004, the fee is $500 per semester.

To request RIA students must submit the Registration in Absentia Approval form, completed and signed by the student, the advisor, and School representative, to the Graduate School no later than the add deadline.

Students performing any work on campus or utilizing university resources in any manner are not eligible for Registration in Absentia. Students returning from a Leave of Absence are not eligible for RIA in their returning semester.

If requesting RIA, you will need to get signatures from your advisor and School Representative before submitting your form to the Graduate School. The School Representative for the School of Science is Bill Siegmann.

International students and students residing within twenty-five miles of the Troy campus will need to include a second form in this procedure, Registration in Absentia Approval Form 1-A.

Along with the absentia forms, you'll need attach of copy of your Plan of Study. If you have submitted one previously but do not have a copy, Terry Hayden may have one. If you need to do a new Plan of Study, guidelines are available at http://www.cs.rpi.edu/academics/grad/plan.html.

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