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Graduate Program


If you need to add or drop credits after the semester begins, it will be much easier if you can do it before the add or drop deadline. If you do it before the deadline, you can make the change via SIS. After the deadline, you'll need to complete a Late Add/Drop Form. When completing this form, you'll need to:

  • Submit a Plan of Study which includes any credits you are adding and does not include any you are dropping. (If you already have one on file which is consistent with the registration change you are trying to make, you don't need to submit a new one.)
  • For course credits, you should include a note from the course instructor about your attendance and progress.
  • For research credits, you should 1) complete the Thesis/Project/Dissertation Registration Form, and 2)include a note from your advisor describing your research and academic progress, and explaining why you are making a late request.
  • Terry Hayden can obtain the Graduate Program Director signature on the Plan of Study and the Late Add/Drop form, and then she can send all your documents to the Office of Graduate Education.
  • The Office of Graduate Education will review your file, and will not approve the late add/drop until any other issues are taken care of. For example, if you have a doctoral student review form on file which says you planned to take your candidacy by a date which is now in the past, they will check whether you have taken it.

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