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Graduate Program

Finding a Job

Campus Jobs

by Puneet Thapliyal with contributions from Karan Gupta, Amit Shenoy and Terry Hayden.

Editor's note: The following tips were written specifically for students from India who were admitted without financial aid and are looking for a campus job, but much of the information may be relevant to other students as well.

  • Look for all the departments in RPI for a possible support, which could be in the form of managing the Web page of the department, some job (could be a RA position) in CAT located in CII, or some other organisation in CII.
  • If you have prior research/work experience in an academic field, then browse individual faculty web pages to find those professors who match your research interest and write to them directly to find if they can offer you an RA. CS faculty usually prefer to hire RAs who have been on campus for a few semesters. Faculty in other departments may feel the same way.
  • To apply for a CS department TAship, ask Terry Hayden to put your name on the waiting list. Just asking her to put your name on is enough, but it can help you if you give her a resume showing what topics you are familiar with. You may also contact individual instructors about being a TA for the course they teach. They can't make the final decision, but they can put in a request for you.
  • You could also give a try at the Mathematics Dept which generally has TA positions available for the Fall semester.
  • Try International Services, the Library, and the Help Desk in the Voorhees Computing Center.
  • Those of you who have relatives/friends with green cards here, there is another way round. You can get educational loan from independent agencies (not RPI), if the green card holder agrees to become a co-borrower. You can get loan for the full course of your studies and living expenses, to be repaid once you graduate. Catch - the interest rates are pretty steep. But you can always take loan for just the first semester and pray that you get TA/RA for the following semesters! Visit http://www.educaid.com/ for more info.
  • Take loans from all those of your friends who have come to the US for working on an H-1 visa, especially in software development.

Off Campus Jobs

If you are a U.S. citizen and you have a car, you can look for a job off campus. Some of the largest employers of RPI students are GE and Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory (part of Lockheed Martin).

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