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Graduate Program

Finding an Advisor and Research Topic

The actual determination of a topic is usually accomplished via talking with your advisor. Some may simply assign you a topic while others may let you select a topic.

If you find yourself in the the situation where you are not satisfied with the research group you are in you will need to find a new group and topic. The department has an Interim Graduate Advisor to help students who are in transition.

To find a new group, the first step is identifying possible groups. This is done by looking through the faculty listing and getting an idea of what topics different professors are working on. After identifying topics that interest you, the next step is to make appointments with those professors and discuss the topics and if they have openings in the group.

When you find an advisor you'd like to work with, you should ask whether he/she can accept you. If you are accepted, you should notify Terry Hayden and your old advisor about the change.

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