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Graduate Program

Administrative Steps for Completing MS Thesis

  • The degree application is due near the beginning of the semester during which you will graduate. You can complete this form by logging in to SIS. See the Academic Calendar for the deadline date.
  • Your nomination of committee form is due the same day the degree application is due. Plan to start working on this form several weeks in advance of the deadline, as you will need original signatures from all your committee members. The MS committee normally consists of three tenure/tenure-track Computer Science faculty. Faculty based in other departments who have joint appointments to Computer Science count. Permission may be requested for one of the three committee members to be a tenure/tenure-track faculty from another department. If you are requesting permission for a non-Computer Science faculty member, you will need an explanation. The explanation is usually written by the advisor. The explanation can be e-mailed to Terry Hayden. She will put it into the form of a letter and get it signed by the Graduate Program Director. After you complete the nomination of committee form and get the signatures of your committee members, give the form to Terry Hayden. She will get the department head's signature and will send the form to the Office of Graduate Education in campus mail. If the deadline is near, she may ask you to hand deliver the form to OGE.
  • The MS requires an oral presentation. For details, see page two of the Record of Master's Thesis and Oral Presentation form.
  • Check the Academic Calendar for the deadline to submit your thesis to OGE. This deadline will be more than a month prior to your graduation date. You will submit your thesis online, and you will also submit the hard copy form Record of Master's Thesis and Oral Presentation. This form requires original signatures from your committee members. Be sure to allow adequate time to collect these signatures. Also be sure to allow time to make any revisions requested by your committee members. If your oral presentation takes the form of a defense, you will get the suggested revisions at the defense, so there needs to be enough time between the defense and the submission deadline for you to incorporate the suggestions.
  • See the Master's Thesis Checklist for additional requirements.

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