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Graduate Program

Graduate Student Department Service Opportunities

Peer advising

Provide welcome and guidance to incoming grad students. Interact by e-mail before new students arrive, then meet them at grad student orientation on August 22.

  • Linyun Fu
  • Lingxun Hu
  • John Postl
  • Ranjani Sargunaraj


Start of semester

  • Setup: Mingming Chen, Congrui Li
  • Cleanup: Dean McDaniel, Mingming Chen

November poster session

  • Setup: Haidar Khan, Ying Lu
  • Cleanup: Yao Dong, Linyun Fu, Ying Lu

March poster session

  • Setup:
  • Cleanup:

April poster session

  • Setup:
  • Cleanup:

Student appreciation

  • Unloading car:
  • Setup:

Other events

Students may also take the initiative to organize events and activities of interest to them, such as intramural sports teams, cultural celebrations, or excursions to paintball, skiing, or amusement parks.

Talking to prospective graduate students

You might give visitors a campus tour, pick them up at the bus station or airport, meet with them to tell them about your research, go out to lunch or dinner with them, etc.

  • March 22-23: Charles Hathaway, Kshiteesh Hegde, Ben Horne, Erika Mackin, Caitlin Ross, Ranjani Sargunaraj, Shreyas Sekar, Sujoy Sikdar.
  • March 30:
  • April 2:
  • April 3:
  • April 10:

Accepted Students Day

Graduate Curriculum Committee

2 representatives will be elected by the CS graduate students from all volunteers. Serve on committee to discuss issues related to the graduate curriculum, such as new course proposals, MS breadth course classification, and qualifying exam format.

  • Simon Ellis
  • Andrew Zonenberg

School of Science Graduate Council

  • Aritra Chowdhury
  • Shuai Li

Theory seminar

  • John Postl

Colloquium web site

  • John Postl

Colloquium sign-in sheet

  • Aritra Chowdhury
  • Antwane Mason
  • Dean McDaniel
  • Neil McGlohon
  • Matt Peveler
  • Atriya Sen
  • Kathleen Tully

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