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Undergraduate Program

Dual Majors

Computer science majors can get a dual major with any of the other majors available on the Rensselaer campus. In many cases students can get a dual major within the 128 credits of a single major since many courses can be counted twice. A dual major with engineering requires additional credits beyond 128. To add a dual major, complete the Undergraduate Change of Major/Change of Status form.

To fulfill the requirements for a dual major, simply fulfill all the requirements for each major. A course which meets requirements for both majors may be applied to both.

If your other major is in Management, Architecture, or HASS, we will accept MATH-1500 in place of MATH-1010. However, we recommend that you take MATH-1010 rather than MATH-1500 because MATH-1010 provides the best preparation for CSCI courses.

If your other major is Computer Systems Engineering or Electrical Engineering, CSCI-2500 Computer Organization may be replaced by ECSE-2610 Computer Components and Operations and ECSE-2660 Computer Architecture, Networks, and Operating Systems.

If you have questions about requirements, you should contact:

  • Your CSCI advisor for questions about CSCI requirements. If you aren't sure who your CSCI advisor is, contact Sharon Simmons.
  • Your advisor in your other major for questions about the requirements of that major.
  • Anjie Emeka (Sage 5208, x2576) for questions about HASS core requirements.

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