* Academics

Undergraduate Program

Department Service Opportunities

Undergraduate Curriculum Committee

2 representatives will be elected by the CS undergraduate students from all volunteers. Serve on committee to discuss issues related to the undergraduate curriculum, such as new course proposals, degree requirements, waiver requests, and accreditation.

Undergraduate Recruiting Committee

Representatives will meet with visiting prospective students. Representatives may also have the opportunity to participate in the development of outreach strategies and recruiting publications.

  • Seema Bhaskar
  • John Drogo
  • Marina Espinoza
  • Andrew Faulds
  • Malea Grubb
  • Sarabeth Jaffe
  • Zoe Jones
  • Mike Mathis
  • Nicole Negedly
  • Oskar Rautiainen
  • Sarah Schattschneider
  • Monika Verma
  • Yitong Wu