Final Project Presentations

Group Date and Time Final Project
William Leiserson
Lauri Grohn
Scott Robertson
12/2 12:00-12:10pm Java-port of Chord and distributed file index system
Jatin Chopra
Shoichi Sano
Robert John
12/2 12:10-12:20pm Peer-to-peer chat and file synchronization system
Alan Leung
Anthony Yu
Kent Tung
12/2 12:20-12:30pm Distributed P2P file encryption protocol
Brad Irwin
Paul Belemjian
12/2 12:30-12:40pm A peer-to-peer multi-path file-sharing system
James Chenard
Christopher Baldauf
Matthew Freake
12/2 12:40-12:50pm An RMI and servlet-based file sharing system with p2p file downloading
Victor M. Balta
Daniel Runt
Dan Messier
12/2 12:50-1:00pm An online calendar using Struts, an open source MVC-based web application development framework
Eric Fallon
Jeffrey Czarnowski
Artem Aleksenko
12/2 1:00-1:10pm Simulation and visualization of the hot (hard)-potato routing algorithm
James Konrad
Art Dardia
Alexander Redington
12/2 1:10-1:20pm A SALSA-based house device remote administration simulation system
Alan Merzon
Eric Weinberg
Peter Eacmen
12/2 1:20-1:30pm A Mobile IP implementation with persistence to tolerate handover failures.
Tori Turner
Tanjuana Hughley
Lesley Mbogo
12/2 1:30-1:40pm An introspective socket layer to understand TCP performance
Nathan Smith
Lucas McGrew
Qiang Xiao
12/2 1:40-1:50pm Active network congestion control
James Flamer
Jed Leslie
Derek Konigsberg
12/5 12:00-12:10pm An IP traceback algorithm implementation enabling detection of sources of DOS attacks (even with IP spoofing)
Richard Conlan
Kenneth Hampson
Alden Roberts
12/5 12:10-12:20pm Secure AOL instant messaging communications
Daniel Robinson
Kevin Thoele
Jeffrey Richards
12/5 12:20-12:30pm A secure chat room(s) system
Charles Mathis
Gerard Uffelman
Jeremy Wood
12/5 12:30-12:40pm A user authentication server with "hardened passwords" based on keystroke dynamics
Jin Chang
Jason Penny
Wilson Su
12/5 12:40-12:50pm A security comparison of the Java and C# programming languages
Lakshmi Akkaram
Harihar Narasimha Iyer
Joseph Sochet
12/5 12:50pm-1pm An "excellent peer" system for journal publications exchange
Sepehr Sadeghi
Michael Bukowski
Kyle Cronin
12/5 1:00-1:10pm A remote MP3 audio player with quality of service considerations
Christopher Chiaverini
John Hennessy
Myung Jang
12/5 1:10-1:20pm A file replication/synchronization system using reliable UDP multicast
Abraham Sultan
Sinclair Schuller
Raymond Park
12/5 1:20-1:30pm A URL2Phone web service accessible from cellular phones
John Bigelow
David Parenti
Adnan Suljevic
12/5 1:30-1:40pm A Java-based distributed/grid computing system
Zujun Shentu
Lingling Shen
Lei Deng
12/5 1:40-1:50pm A shared chat/whiteboard/image viewer.

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