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Point breakdown and turn-in checklist

  1. (40 points) subst
  2. (70 points) broken down tentatively as follows:
  3. (30 points) 10 points each for problems (a), (b), and (c). Turn in:

Problem 3b

Consider the following problem:
Everyone that likes Bob either likes Doug or likes Alice. Everyone that doesn't like Bob likes Doug. Carol doesn't like Doug. Does Carol like Alice?
Define the variables likes-goal, likes-sos, likes-kb to solve this problem using your program.

Problem 3c

Think of this as a bonus problem --- attempt it only if you have finished the rest of the assignment.

Suppose we are playing a 3 by 3 game of minesweeper and we have the following situation:

1 3 CD
0 1 CE

where I have labeled the "unknown" cells CA through CE. For those of you unfamiliar with the game minesweeper (available on Windows and Linux/Gnome computers), the diagram above means that:

Transform this information into first order logic statements using the predicate Mine(x) and the cell names as objects.

Turn in a printout of your initial sos and/or knowledge base. Can you show Mine(CC)? Either turn in a printout of the proof or explain why your program can't do the proof.