Instructions for electronic assignment submission

Mon 9/6 noon: There was a problem with directory permissions which should be fixed now. Let me know if you have trouble submitting your assignment electronically.

I was hoping to use an email-based submission system, but there are still a few bugs. For now, you will need to put your file in a directory on RCS (also accessible from CS workstations).


  1. Your scheme code for the whole assignment should be in a single file.

  2. Name this file using your RCS username and the extension ".scm". For example, if President Shirley Jackson were taking this class and her RCS email address is, then she would name her file jackss.scm

  3. Copy this file to the directory /dept/cs/ai/submit1 You will only have permission to copy a file into this directory and to list the contents of this directory. You cannot read, modify, or delete files in this directory.

  4. Note that you can do this from Windows as well as UNIX systems. On windows systems, click on the desktop RCS icon and connect to the public areas. You'll have to type your RCS username and password. Then open the "dept", "cs", and "ai" folders.

  5. If for some reason you need to resumbit your assignment, add an extension ".1" when you sumbit your revised solutions. For example, if Dr. Jackson had to resumbit her assignment, she would name the new file jackss.scm.1 If for some reason you need to sumbit the assignment again, increment the number of the final extension (e.g. jackss.scm.2, etc.)

  6. We will only grade the most recent sumbission.
Last updates: September 6; September 1, 1999