Date Person Paper Link
4/5 Douglas Gregor A Generic Type System for the Pi-Calculus here
Thomas Phillips Competitive Hill-Climbing Strategies for Replica Placement in a Distributed File System here
4/9 Ernesto Morales Design and Implementation of a High-Performance Distributed Web Crawler here
Cam Tolman Chord: A scalable peer-to-peer lookup service for internet applications here
4/12 Matt Abrams The Do-All Problem in Broadcast Networks here
Renee Guhde Towards a Mobile Computing Middleware: a Synergy of Reflection and Mobile Code Techniques here
4/16 Jesse Celeste LIME: Linda Meets Mobility here
Alina Romera Dynamically Forecasting Network Performance Using the Network Weather Service here
4/19 Eric Klein Analyzing Security Protocols with Secrecy Types and Logic Programs here
Robin D. Toll Protecting Mobile Agents Against Malicious Hosts here
4/23 Jason Miele The JavaSeal Mobile Agent Architecture here
Francesca Loscalzo mpiJava here
4/26 Rick O'Neil Real-Time Parallel/Distributed Systems --NO LINK--
Michael Peters Fully Reversable Optimistic Parallel Simulation Systems --NO LINK--