Date Presenter Paper Link
4/11 David Maiman Piccola - A Small Composition Language
Achermann, Lumpe, Schneider, and Nierstrasz
Formal Methods for Distributed Processing --A Survey of Object-Oriented Approaches, Cambridge University Press, 2001.  pp 403-426
Paul Lalli A type system for dynamic Web documents
Sandholm and Schwartzbach
POPL, 2000
4/15 Kaoutar ElMaghraoui Peer to peer data trading to preserve information
Cooper and Garcia-Molina
TOIS, 2002
Jeevan Pathuri On-the-fly Reference Counting Garbage Collection
Levanoni and Petrank 
4/18 Rodney Powers Untrusted hosts and confidentiality: secure program partitioning
Zdancewic, Zheng, Nystrom, and Myers
Symposium on Operating Systems Principles, 2001
Matthew Freedman Portable resource control in Java
Binder, Hulaas, and Villazón 
4/22 Marcin Zalewski Efficient Java RMI for parallel programming
Maasen, Van Nieuwpoort, Veldema, Bal, Kielmann, Jacobs, and Hofman
TOPLAS, November 2001
Shailesh Kelkar Transparent Distributed Threads
Haumacher, Moschny, Reuter, and Tichy
5th Intl. Workshop on Java for Parallel and Distributed Computing (IPDPS), April 2003
4/25 Justin LaPre Transactional Lock-Free Execution of Lock-Based Programs
Rajwar and Goodman