Using JOCAML (CSCI 6962 Spring 2004)

JOCAML is installed in the directory /projects/dci/jocaml. If you cannot access it, please send an email to To use jocaml, you have to set some variables in your environment. The path of the compiler is /projects/dci/jocaml/bin. The path of the library is /projects/dci/jocaml/lib/ocaml. If you have no idea how to setup the variables in your environment, please follow the steps (assuming your environment is bash):

coffeepot Simple $ export PATH=$PATH:/projects/dci/jocaml/bin
coffeepot Simple $ export LIB=/projects/dci/jocaml/lib/ocaml:$LIB

Here are some commands you may want to use.

jocamlc: the batch bytecode compiler
jocamlopt: the batch native-code compiler (if supported)
jocamlrun: the runtime system for the bytecode compiler
jocamlyacc: the parser generator
jocamllex: the lexer generator
jocaml: the interactive, toplevel-based system
jocamlmktop: a tool to make toplevel systems that integrate user-defined C primitives and Caml code
jocamldebug: the source-level replay debugger
jocamldep: generator of "make" dependencies for Caml sources
jocamlprof: execution count profiler
jocamlcp: the bytecode compiler in profiling mode

and for join programmers (You need them for your project):

joc the bytecode compiler in join mode
jocl the bytecode compiler in custom join mode
jocrun the runtime system with the join library
joctop the interactive toplevel-based system with join
jocns the name server.