Using Nomadic Pict (CSCI 6962 Spring 2004)

Nomadic Pict is installed in the directory /projects/dci/npict. If you cannot access it, please send an email to To use Nomadic Pict, you have to set the variable, PATH, in your environment. The compiler is located in /projects/dci/npict/bin. You do not need to setup the library. If you have no idea how to setup the variables in your environment, please follow the steps (assuming your environment is bash):


coffeepot Simple $ export PATH=$PATH:/projects/dci/npict/bin


Now you may want to run some examples. The example  directory is located in /projects/dci/npict/Example. You can copy some of the examples to your home directory and run them. For example:


coffeepot Simple $ cp /projects/dci/npict/Examples/Philosphers/* ~
coffeepot Simple $ cd ~
coffeepot wangw5 $ np hall.pi
Host address and port number not specified (value 5000 chosen)

The tutorial is available in the directory /projects/dci/npict/Doc. Take a look at it.