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The creation of the Open Hand Project Model T42 involves the use of all open source files provided by the Grab Lab from Yale University. The unique ideas about the Open Hand Models are it allow researchers to construct the hand using easily accessible materials, allows easy customizing via CAD files, and they are inexpensive compared to most robotic hands. Our goal is to construct the Open Hand Model by following all documentation provided by the Grab Lab from Yale University. In addition to recreating Model-T42, we will be implementing Takk Tile Sensor onto the finger pads in hopes of creating an identical model that Yale University and Harvard intended to. In the process, we will get a durable hand in the Robotics Lab for multipurpose, as well as make suggestions to improve the Open Hand model along with the Takk Tile Sensors

Latest Update

We have advanced extended our wires to about 24 inches from the initial stage of power source to motorizing the servos. In few hand allowing us for more days, flexibility in movements and grasp positions. Arduino Code are being studied so we will have full understanding can customize to our needs if necessary. Learning safety usage of the tools program and the hand itself. Next setting up hardware/software for step will be planning on implementing Takk Tile Sensors Sensor data retrieval without out putting it on finger pads. We also plan on using the same list of materials in order for us to familiarize with the sensor outputs. While testing Takk Tile sensors, run trails of grasp to observe what are the major contact points of the finger pads for object sensation as the two with objects. This will help us surface comes in contact. deciding where is the best place to place the sensors. After documenting where is best to implement sensors we will start extreme careful observation and data collecting with Takk Tile Sensors on model T42. To Learn more about Takk Tile Sensors please visit Takk Tile Sensors

Takk Tile Sensors

takkstrip_white_penny_s.jpg takkstrip_overview.jpg takkstrip_breakouts.jpg

" What use is a hand without nerves? When the sensors are put on mechanical hands, robots know what it's touching, it can pick up a balloon without popping it. It can pick up keys to unlock doors." - Harvard Biorobotics Lab

The Takk Tile sensor's sensitivity allows it to detect 1g, and sturdy enough to handle a hammer strike. The ideas of the sensor are simple yet effective. For detailed experiments,usage, implementation,and multiple applications please visit the following pages:

Takk Tile Offical Website (Harvard)
Engadget: Robot with tactile sensor is better at identifying materials than you are
Takk Tile sensors implemented on IRobot Hand, gets smashed by Baseball Bat
Discovery News: Robots' Crushing grip Turned to Delicate Touch
Popular Science: New Tactile Sensor Is Lighter Than A Feather

Total Spending of the project: $674.14

Daily log: Click here to see day-to-day progress.

UPDATED Instructions on how to run Dynamixel Servos using ROS
- Please download the file lib_robotis_mod.py.txt OR copy text to Notepad (or something similar to it) then save it in a easily referable location ( such as the download folder) .
- Please download the file move_both_finger.py.txt
- Then follow the instructions on Instructions_for_running_move_both_finger.pdf: .
- NOTE! ROS should be programmed using Linux operating system and using Terminal (Ctrl + Alt + t ) .

1st. Version Instructions on how to run Dynamixel Servos using ROS (Robot Operating System)
- Please download the file lib_robotis_mod.py.txt OR copy text to Notepad (or something similar to it) then save it in a easily referable location ( such as the download folder) .
- Then follow the instructions on Running_Servos.pdf: .
- NOTE! ROS should be programmed using Linux operating system and using Terminal (Ctrl + Alt + t ) .

Instructions on how to place an order on 3-D printing can be found on this link How to Order 3-D parts .

LaurieWu - 2013-06-12

Final_Set_up.jpgjpgFinal_Set_up.jpgmanage 1538.7 K 17 Jul 2013 - 17:47UnknownUser Text Final Setup
Final_Setup.jpgjpgFinal_Setup.jpgmanage 2069.7 K 17 Jul 2013 - 17:20UnknownUser Final Setup
Instructions_for_Running_Servos.pdfpdfInstructions_for_Running_Servos.pdfmanage 125.2 K 19 Jul 2013 - 18:34UnknownUser NEW instruction for running servos
Instructions_for_running_move_both.pdfpdfInstructions_for_running_move_both.pdfmanage 55.5 K 17 Nov 2013 - 06:24UnknownUser Ins. Running Both
Running_Servos.pdfpdfRunning_Servos.pdfmanage 126.0 K 17 Nov 2013 - 06:14UnknownUser Updated version
Running_Servoss.pdfpdfRunning_Servoss.pdfmanage 126.0 K 17 Nov 2013 - 06:15UnknownUser Updated version
lib_robotis_mod.py.txttxtlib_robotis_mod.py.txtmanage 19.9 K 17 Jul 2013 - 17:54UnknownUser Lib Robotis
move_both_finger.py.txttxtmove_both_finger.py.txtmanage 0.5 K 17 Nov 2013 - 05:58UnknownUser Move Both
photo5.JPGJPGphoto5.JPGmanage 2025.8 K 02 Jul 2013 - 18:15UnknownUser figures
photo_1.JPGJPGphoto_1.JPGmanage 1762.3 K 02 Jul 2013 - 17:45UnknownUser Piece1
photo_3_6.JPGJPGphoto_3_6.JPGmanage 1656.1 K 03 Jul 2013 - 23:31UnknownUser hand
photo_4_5.JPGJPGphoto_4_5.JPGmanage 2050.8 K 03 Jul 2013 - 23:31UnknownUser zoom in hand
photo_5.JPGJPGphoto_5.JPGmanage 1746.6 K 02 Jul 2013 - 17:44UnknownUser figures
takkstrip_breakouts.jpgjpgtakkstrip_breakouts.jpgmanage 21.7 K 11 Nov 2013 - 04:17UnknownUser takk breakout
takkstrip_overview.jpgjpgtakkstrip_overview.jpgmanage 77.1 K 11 Nov 2013 - 04:16UnknownUser takk overview
takkstrip_white_penny_s.jpgjpgtakkstrip_white_penny_s.jpgmanage 88.2 K 11 Nov 2013 - 04:16UnknownUser takk penny

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