Computer Science Ubuntu machines


  • new passwords must be at least 12 characters long and must be changed at least once every two years by using ssh to connect to and using the passwd command after logging in
    • note there may be up to a 5 minute delay for password changes to propogate to the other Ubuntu machines

Accessing machines

  • connect using ssh to the rotary
    • for help on using ssh, see here
  • you can ssh directly to from off campus but you will need to use the external vpn to reach most other machines from off campus

File access

  • The Ubuntu remote access machines mount your home directory from the netapp and are located in the VCC with cooling, UPS, and generator.
  • If you need to mount your home directory from some other machine, you can use sshfs to mount it from
    • To mount it from your own linux machine, type something like: sshfs mountpoint
    • To unmount it, the corresponding command would be: fusermount -u mountpoint
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