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  • Set SKIN = dragon
  • Set DS_THEME = gray (or select another theme such as "monochrome" or "tabstyle").

Config variables

        $ DS_BODYFONTSIZE: CSS font size for the overall body of the page.
        $ DS_LEFTMENUFONTSIZE: CSS font size for the left menu (relative size values will compound with the bo
dy font size).
        $ DS_EDITBARFONTSIZE: CSS font size for the edit/attach/etc menubar on the top of each view page (rela
tive size values will compound with the body font size).
        $ DS_FONTFAMILY: CSS font family.  Applies to all pages.
        $ DS_QUICKLINKSDISPLAY: Set this variable to "none" to turn off display of the quicklinks me
        $ DS_QUICKLINKSHEADING: String to use for the quicklinks submenu heading.
        $ DS_QUICKLINKS: HTML unordered list containing the quicklinks menu items.
        $ DS_TOPICCSS: CSS statements that will get embedded in every view page 

-- JoeyArmstrong - 19 Dec 2007

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