Exchange on the iphone4

After quite a bit of trial and error trying to get an iphone4 working with exchange (without the special pay client), we found that if you add an "other" server rather than "microsoft exchange", it works. I don't know if there's such an option on other mobile devices, but I figured I'd mention it. There is a catch. In this case, you are configuring an IMAP client. The "Exchange" option simply ASSUMES you want to use Active Sync and forces you down that path during setup. The "Other Client" option allows you to configure IMAP.

Of course with IMAP, you do not get a sync of calendars and contacts like you would with Active Sync. Be sure you understand that if you have contacts or calendar entries in your iOS device, they are not backed up on the Exchange server, and you need to do this on your own in case you ever need to recover.

Although the VCC highly recommend the Active Sync option, they do understand that it's not for everyone.
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