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Using imapsync

Use ssh to connect to and type something along the lines of:
  • imapsync --host1 hostname1 --port1 port# --user1 userid#1 --domain1 fully.qualified.domain #1 --ssl1 --host2 hostname2 --port2 port# --user2 userid#2 --domain2 fully.qualified.domain #2 --ssl2
and you should be prompted to type in your passwords for both accounts. (Type things in bold literally, and replace the things in italics with appropriate values.)

for example, to copy things from to
  • imapsync --host1 --port1 993 --user1 bogus --domain1 -ssl1 --host2 --port2 993 --user2 bogususer --domain2 --ssl2

to see the less commonly used options, just type imapsync and it should give you a full usage summary.

*NOTE* Do not use the --password1 --password2 options to specify your password on the command line because it is insecure since the arguments will appear in the process table.

If you have any questions, please email
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