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Printing Configuration

  • Check the list of PublicPrinters for details on drivers and configuration options before proceeding to the general directions below
  • All other printers should only be used with the explicit permission of the person whose office the printer is in.


For copiers

  • Go to and download the appropriate driver for the printer you are setting up (select the built-in controller option) (generic drivers often lack the ability to use advanced features like duplexing and stapling)
  • Run the application and select the "network printer" option
  • type in the ip address of the printer you want to connect to.
  • leave the queue blank to accept the default

For other printers

  • Either download the drivers manually (best) or add a network printer and let it search for the best driver. It usually finds something appropriate, but making sure you have the "right" driver before you try to install it yields the best results
  • Some printers (such as zlw) may need to have the printing protocol switched from LPD to IPIP


  • Make sure you are on the CS wired network
  • System Settings
  • Printing
    • Click the add icon in the dialog box that pops up.
    • New Printer / Select device
      • Click [Network Printer]
      • [Find Network Printer]
      • fill in host name (such as
      • Click [forward]
      • Choose Select printer from database (unless setting up a copier in which case select "Provide PPD file"), locate your printer model and click [Forward]
      • Choose a printer model
      • Choose a driver type, recommended is usually ok, postscript should be supported.
      • Click [Forward]
      • Describe printer -- assign a short name (such as lxp-direct). Click [Apply]
      • When asked to print a test page accept to verify you are able to print.
      • Right click on the printer definition and make sure the printer is enabled, but not shared.

Other UNIX

  • Make sure you are on the CS wired network
  • Use/configure the local "CUPS" printing package
    • Choose Printer → Add Printer.
    • Select Network Printer, and then select the appropriate protocol from the drop down menu.
    • Insert the details of the network printer and click Forward.
    • Select the printer model and then click Apply.
    • Finally, you can enter in a description and location for your printer.

Windows 7

  • Make sure you are on one of the wired CS networks (ip address starting with 128.213)
  • Download any necessary drivers ahead of time (especially for copiers)
  • Click the Start menu button
  • Select Control Panel
  • Click on Devices and Printers
  • Click on Add a printer
  • Add a network, wireless or Bluetooth printer
  • The printer that I want isn't listed
  • Add a printer using a TCP/IP address or hostname and hit Next
  • type in the printer address (such as and hit Next
  • give the printer a helpful name and hit Next


Change my default printer


  • Launch system preferences
  • Click on Print & Fax
  • Change Selected Printer in Print Dialog from "Last Printer Used" to ${printer_name}


  • PRINTER=name; export PRINTER ( bash / sh )
  • setenv PRINTER name ( csh )
  • Settings can be made permanent by adding variable definitions in your .bashrc, .cshrc init files.


  • Click the Start menu button
  • Select Control Panel
  • Click on Devices and Printers
  • right click on the printer and select Set as default printer

HOWTO: Update printing codes for lxp on Windows 7

  • right click on the printer
  • select printer properties
    • if a "change printer properties" button is present, click on it before proceeding
  • select the configuration tab
  • select the accounting button
  • change the code (it should only be displaying asterisks on the line to be updated)

HOWTO: Remove a Windows 7 print driver

  • If you need to completely remove a Windows 7 print driver:
    • From the start menu, select Devices and Printers
    • Click on a printer under the Printers and Faxes section
    • Click on Print server properties on the menubar up top.
    • Click on the Drivers tab
    • Click on the driver you want to delete and then click the Remove button
    • Click on the Remove driver and driver package radio button and hit OK
    • If it complains about something needing the driver, make sure all of the queues that referenced the driver have been removed and try again.

Miscellaneous Printing Problems

  • If you are not able to delete a print job, pull the paper tray and contact labstaff
  • PDF printing problems
    • Check for printer activity (blinking status light). Some documents may take a while to print if they are large, contain images or require a large volume of rendering.
    • If nothing comes out, try setting it to postscript level 2 or using pdf2ps in unix, and then print the postscript file to the printer
    • If the document prints with only some information missing, look for a box in the print dialog box which says "Print comments" and check it or a drop down menu which says "print document" and change it to "print document and markups"
    • Printing multiple copies of a job at once messes up the collation unless you select "Print as image" from the advanced menu from acrobat.
  • Many printers do not have 64-bit specific drivers. You may need to manually install and run a 32-bit driver.
  • If the Windows print spooler dies, try running net stop spooler and net start spooler in a command shell running with administrator permissions.

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