Using SSH


Without Cygwin

  • If you do not have Cygwin installed, you can use another ssh client, such as putty to connect
    • click on putty.exe to download an executable you can save on your desktop which you can double click to start
    • If your client prompts you for a port number, use 22.
    • putty.png

With Cygwin with ssh already installed

  • If you are on Windows with Cygwin installed, start up a Cygwin terminal
    • cygclick.png

  • in the shell, type ssh and accept the key if prompted, then type in your CS password (NOTE: the screen will not display anything as you type your password in)
    • ssh.png

Installing Cygwin with ssh

  • download cygwin from
  • run it, select next to continue, then select "Install from Internet" and click next
    • cw1.png
  • keep accepting the defaults and hit next until you get to the window to "Select Packages"
    • cw2.png
    • cw3.png
    • cw4.png
    • cw5.png
  • type ssh in the Search tool in the upper left to reduce the number of items to look through
    • cw6.png
  • click on the + next to Net to expand the list and click on the entry that says "Skip" on the line for openssh to select it for download and then click Next at the bottom
    • cw7.png
  • click next again to accept the suggested packages
    • cw8.png
  • select options and then click Finish
    • cw9.png

Other Operating systems

Other operating systems typically have ssh included natively. If you are using one for which this is not the case, please email labstaff and we'll look for something you can use.
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