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September Outages

2010/09/30 OK Projects fileserver filled last night around 7:30pm
2010/09/28 OK Remote hosts ashley and monica are offline.
An interactive user shell under development may be the culprit.
Hosts will be rebooted in the morning
2010/09/28 OK Mailserver reload/reboot to pickup certificate changes
2010/09/24 OK Expired SSL Certificates
Certificates updated, report any lingering problems.
2010/09/23 update MRI cluster is available for access
2010/09/21 OK Remote pool host monica was wedged, rebooted
2010/09/20 OK Remote pool host ashley is offline
2010/09/20 OK Webserver hosting the bug tracker, srs and sra is having issues this morning
2010/09/19 OK CII 3226 shutdown -- The CII is having water/flooding issues and has been powered down
MRI machines are alive, CII networking is still an issue
2010/09/15 OK Brief server/service outage tomorrow: 4:30pm - 5:00pm
A bit longer than expected but service has been restored.
2010/09/13 resolved DB Dependent web services: nats problem tracker, semi-annual review of students, student ra, graduate applicants
2010/09/13 resolved Web mail access:
Preference database error (connect failed). Exiting abnormally
2010/09/12 OK Several projects are being restored from backup tape. Do not be alarmed if files are missing short term, they will be restored the week of the 13th.
2010/09/12 resolved Fileserver corruption, multiple problems, NFS hangs, logins and projects affected
2010/09/10 done Mailserver reboot to clear a problem with backups
2010/09/08 done Home directory outage
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