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October Outages

2010/10/28 completed 8am - 10am bi-monthly scheduled server maintenance
2010/10/27 ok Remote access machines monica and mary-kate are unresponsive
2010/10/27 ok Class assignment/project casualties
Three remote access machines locked
One state machine locked
NFS server affected by a huge load
2010/10/26 ok CGI server down, unable to contact ldap, networking problems.
ldap wedged on one server, restarted
2010/10/26 ok mail server down, messages bouncing due to ldap issues
2010/10/24 ok remote access machine monica is unresponsive, monday reboot
connect using ssh to access a working alternate
host monica rebooted
2010/10/24 ok Extended NFS outage around 2pm
2010/10/22 ok 6:15pm checking fileserver disks, will be back online shortly
2010/10/22 ok 5pm - mailserver will be offline briefly for maintenance
2010/10/21   Home directories are being backed up on spinning disk to improve restore times.
Fileserver performance may be affected while backups are running
2010/10/18 ok Samba home directory connections failing - restarted
2010/10/18 ok Print server died and wouldn't power on. Replaced case.
2010/10/16 ok Home directory server down with networking trouble
2010/10/11 ok Home directories are being restored from backup
2010/10/10 ok Drive failure in the disk array reported, problem has migrated from zfs to hardware.
Failing drive replaced, directory restores continuing.
2010/10/09 3:27pm ok Home directory server offline with filesystem problems.
label missing from disk storage array
Directories are being restored from backup (there are a lot)
2010/10/04 11:30pm OK Home directory fileserver unresponsive.
Bad mount data sent the server into a tight loop.
Also potentiall bad disk in the raid
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