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Email Transition

We are transitioning to email being hosted on the campus exchange server. During the transition, you can check to see if it is complete by sending email to your CS account. If you don't receive it, check the exchange server. Once transitioned, you can connect to using your RCS userid and password or configure your client following the directions on the general exchange FAQ.
Note that does not go to the exchange server.

By default, email will still be received for your address, but will funnel into your RCS/exchange mailbox. Your address should be used as the Email Address in Server Settings and your RCS id should be used as the User Name in the SMTP setting

Current faculty and staff may not forward their email directly to another server from the exchange server. Those who had forwards to other servers will have to get their mail from the exchange server, and then process it after that.

Existing mail archives will continue to be accessible on the CS mail server for about a month after the transition is complete, but will not be transitioned to the new server automatically.

If you are connecting from off campus, you will need to use SMTP-auth or the campus VPN to send email.

Your account will automatically be enrolled in respite (spam filtering) if you weren't already on the Exchange server. To customize settings, go here

Some users had problems receiving some PDFs as attachments. The problem was with using estimated file sizes on the server instead of exact file sizes and has been fixed for all CS users. You should end any connections with the exchange server and start them up again to make sure you pick up the new settings. ( 9/28/2011)

If email to you bounces from some users but not all, please have the sender email with the bounce message they received.

If you are configuring your iphone4 for exchange, there is a free but limited option.

You can determine your space utilization on the exchange server by going into the web client and hovering over your login above your "Inbox" (not under favorites) or in Thunderbird by installing the Display Quota add-on.

If you need to share files that are too large to email, you may use to host up to 2G of files in folders that you can give others permission to by email address.

Existing student accounts are now forwarded to the RCS email server, however we are not making separate CS email addresses for new accounts.

If you log into, you can use imapsync to transfer your files out of your old CS email account.

We'll post additional details and clarifications here as they become available.
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