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Student RA Program Help


The Student RA Letter Generator (SRA) can be used to enter data and batch a request to have a Research Assistant letter printed and mailed to students. Information for student, semester and a list of funds they will be paid from can be entered. Requests can be previewed and batched after all data fields have been validated.

HOWTO: batch an SRA request

  • Student/semester/advisor information
    • Select a form letter type:
      • Research assistant
      • Research assistant in absentia w/fee paid
      • Research assistant in absentia w/o fee paid.
    • Select an advisor name
      • If you are an advisor this box will be populated automagically.
    • Select a student name
      • If the advisor box contains a value the student box will contain a list of the advisor's students. * Select a semester * "next semester" will be used as a default. * Click [validate] to verify student information or to modify the list of menu selections.

  • Funding information
    • NOTE Funds must be added to a request using the [add_fund] link before they will be considered/contribute to the total stipend amount.
      • Enter funding data for how a student will be paid. Multiple funds may be selected with individual stipend amounts. Total for all stipend amounts must be larger than the minimal stipend amount for the semester.
    • Select a 'Fund:' name from the pulldown menu
      • If using a non-compsci fund select 'Other - Outside department funds/orgs.
      • If any of your fund(s) are not listed, the Request New Database Information link can be used to request their addition.
    • The 'Comments:' box can be used for any relevant documentation (emailed to Pam).
    • Begin/End dates if they are a subset of the semester.
    • 'Stipend:' amount for this fund.
    • 'Grandfathered=Yes' if the grant was grand-fathered in.

  • Use [add_fund] and [validate] as needed until all information has been entered and what has been entered is valid.
  • [preview] and [submit] will appear as options when form data can be batched.
  • Click [preview] to generate a print image of your form letter.
    • If a preview was generated successfully click [view] to review it.
  • Click [submit] if the form letter is ready to be batched or [cancel] to start over.

Student RA Letter Generator

  • Click [validate] at any time while entering data to filter option lists or determine what data fields are invalid.
  • Date formats accepted
    • CCYY-MM-DD
    • October 31, 2007


Student/Advisor pulldown menu
  • Select an option in either the Student or Advisor boxes and press [validate]. The 'other' box will be populated with appropriate selections by context.
    • If a student was selected the student's advisor will appear in the Advisor pulldown menu.
    • If an advisor was selected, only the advisors students will appear in the Student pulldown menu.

HOWTO: Change a menu selection

  • Selections may be altered by choosing "===> Make A Selection <===" then clicking the [validate] button.

HOWTO: View all options within a menu selection

  • Chose "===> View All Selections <===" from the menu of interest
  • Click button to the left of the pulldown menu or click [validate] at the bottom
  • Pulldown menu will redraw displaying all available options.

HOWTO: Use non-department funds

  • In the 'Fund:' box select "Other -- Outside Department Funds/Orgs (non comp-sci)"
  • Enter dates/stipend amount as usual

HOWTO: Fix problems with the login dialog box.

  • If the login dialog box is blocked by popups add '' as a trusted website.

HOWTO: Request adding new pulldown menu options

  • Access the SRA program
  • Click on the info req link at the bottom
  • Select to request a new student or fund/org
  • Fill in available data and submit, the email will be sent to labstaff and a ticket will be opened.

HOWTO: Input a breakdown of fund information for a student.

  • Problem: Fund expriring, pay partial tuition from one fund and the remainder from another.
    • Select a fund and enter a dollar amount
    • Use the fund comment box to note what the balance is for.
    • Click [add_fund] to include the value
    • Select the fund again and repeat until balance is $0, comment each in turn.
    • Select new fund(s) and input/document the remaining balance.
  • NOTE: Absentia fees (as of Spring 2008) should not be entered as a fund balance or it will be included in the stipend amount printed on letters. To note a stipend value do the following:
    • Select a fund the stipend should be paid from.
    • Enter a balance of $0
    • Use the comment box to note a portion of the absentia fee is being paid and the amount.

Fund/Grant/Org information

  • Fund number format A######
  • Grant number format J######
  • Usual dept org #'s: 2550 & 2552
  • There is no grant number associated with startup funds. Startup funds are funded by the institute when new faculty are hired.

HOWTO: Submit a payment request for a partial semester or alternate hourly rates.

  • In the semester input box choose a semester and click partial

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