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HELP: I am unable to edit wiki-web pages

  • First register with the twiki server
    • A valid CS or RCS login / email address is required
  • After registering with the server you will need to login/authenticate before being able to modify pages in a wiki-web
    • Visit a wiki-web url using an https:// prefix, this will force prompting for a login/passwd
    • In the top left corner click the [Log In] link to force a login prompt.
  • To verify you have been successfully authenticated look in the upper left hand corner of the screen.
    • After a successful login Hello: ${Your_Wiki_Word_Name} will be displayed
    • If Hello is not displayed or Hello: ${guest_account} // ${anonymous_user} is displayed the server was not able to identify your login.

HOWTO: TWiki topics

Calendar TWiki:Plugins.CalendarPlugin

calendar attribute description
days= How many days of calendar data to list
headercolor= Background color of month and year
headercontentcolor= Text color of month and year
todaycolor= Box color for today
topic= Wiki page name containing calendar events

CALENDAR{ showweekdayheaders="1" aslist=1 topic="Sample Calendar" days=7 headercolor="#666699" headercontentcolor=white todaycolor="#aaaadd"}% %CALENDAR{ showweekdayheaders="1" aslist=1 topic="Sample Calendar" days=7 headercolor="#666699" headercontentcolor="white" todaycolor="#aaaadd"}%

#FFEFA6; CALENDAR% %CALENDAR{ headercolor="#FFEFA6" todaycolor="#FFEFA6" }%
  • E Tue - Labstaff Cmte
  • E Tue - Banquette
  • E Thu - Labstaff Mtg
  • 10 Oct 2007 - Monday Filler
  • 15 Oct 2007 - Wednesday Filler
  • 26 Oct 2007 - CS Day
  • 30 Oct 2007 - Halloween

Checklist TWiki:Plugins.ChecklistPlugin

%CLI{text="first step"}%
%CLI{text="next step"}% 

%CLI{text="first step"}%
%CLI{text="next step"}%

state todo
%CLI% first step
%CLI% second step

  • TWiki tables can also be used to create a simple checklist
status Description
DONE Testing, this item completed
  Open item #1
  Open item #2
ALERT! This item is urgent

-- JoeyArmstrong - 19 Sep 2010
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