Suggested Web Browser Plugins



  • [T]ools, Add-Ons
  • Click the Get Add-ons tab
  • Click Browse All Add-ons in the top right corner
  • Search for plugins of interest then click their "Add to Firefox" install button.


  • NOTE Browser plugins may be user and platform specific. Be sure to install them in all unique environments that you work in.

plugin description
Privacy Badger A plugin developed by the EFF to protect your privacy which has the side effect of also blocking a lot of bad ads
Adblock Plus Redirect known advertising websites to localhost disabling access and tracking.
Contents on websites can also be manually/permanently blocked on demand
FEBE Firefox Environment Backup Extension
Flash Block All flash streams/advertising are replaced by icons, streams will only play when a flashblock icon is clicked
Google Cookies Opt out of google advertising cookies, simply deleting cookies will not do what you expect.
IE Tab Use explorer's engine internally to access IE-only websites from within firefox
No Script Selective javascript blocking.
This plugin will help prevent damage caused by malicious onLoad scripts and redirection.
Beef Taco Targeted Advertising Cookie Opt-Out


internet explorer




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