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Emergency Power Off system will be tested and will affect the projects on the MRI raid array in addition to the MRI machines affected by the normal monthly outage...
r4 - 03 Feb 2010 - 19:47 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
February 2, 2010 * Skilling raid array lost a hard drive, covered under warranty * Replacement installed 2/18/2010 * Rebuild completed successfully over ...
r2 - 22 Feb 2010 - 14:52 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
Extended outage planned to move EPO boxes to wall and work on AC units. .StevenLindsey 03 Feb 2010
NEW - 03 Feb 2010 - 19:54 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
Mail server was not allowing people to send mail. Filesystem had filled with mimedefang files.
NEW - 24 Mar 2010 - 14:55 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
March 9, 2010 * EPO to be tested during scheduled March outage * system tested and running .StevenLindsey 09 Mar 2010
r3 - 17 Mar 2010 - 14:25 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
Intermittent problems with file server locking up. Problem believed to have been with zfs and fixed with a kernel patch.
r2 - 12 May 2010 - 13:57 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
We unexpectedly lost power around 2pm in CII 3226. It appears that everything came back ok except for the chillers, but a call is in, and we're not expecting to ...
NEW - 24 Feb 2010 - 19:35 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
CII MRI cluster shut down due to cooling problems 2010 05 02. Message from HVAC: Saturday morning, one chiller went in alarm and tripped due to extended surge, wh...
r2 - 03 May 2010 - 17:59 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
Extensive outages caused by a failing console server that sent a break signal to all of the attached servers when it crashed. * The console server is experie...
NEW - 27 May 2010 - 14:42 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
Remote access machines are being relocated for cooling purposes. If you get disconnected, simply reconnect to and you should get a machine whic...
NEW - 28 May 2010 - 14:29 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
On June 3, 2010, we will be retiring the machines in Amos Eaton 215 which are hosted off of This does not affect the Semi Annual Review of Student...
r3 - 27 May 2010 - 18:09 by armstj2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
Location Wednesday 5/29 Thursday 5/30 Friday 5/31 Monday 6/3 Tuesday 6/4 Wednesday 6/5 Thursday 6/6 Friday 6/7 Amos Eaton (1) (1) (1) 5p...
r4 - 06 Jun 2013 - 18:51 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
Location Jun 1 Jun 2 Jun 3 Jun 4 Jun 5 AE (a) (a) (a) CCNI 7am 7pm (b) 7am 7pm (b) CII 5pm 2am (c) 5pm 7pm (...
Location July 2 July 3 July 4 July 5 July 6 Amos Eaton 4 6pm (a) 4 6pm (a) 4 6pm (a) all day (b) CII 4 6pm (a) 4 6pm (a) 4 6p...
We will be transitioning the last of the networks in Amos Eaton to new routers July 12th at 10am. It will affect subnets 1, 3, 6, 8, 28, and 29. It took a whil...
r3 - 12 Jul 2011 - 17:54 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
Account Expiration Your email is tied directly to your RCS account, so it will become unavailable when your RCS account does. Your linux account will not automati...
r5 - 31 Aug 2012 - 15:46 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
Account Restrictions Accounts have few resource limitations placed on them. Because of that, one person can easily take so much that other people are unable to w...
r3 - 31 Aug 2012 - 15:50 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
Account Suspension and Termination Accounts may be suspended for violations of CS Lab or campus computing policies. Campus policies are outlined in the ComEC, av...
r3 - 31 Aug 2012 - 15:49 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
Starting a little before 3pm today, there have been authentication issues interfering with wireless networking and sending email from many clients. Sending email...
Lally and Amos Eaton will lose power for two weekends to allow the replacement of a faulty electrical feeder: 8am Friday Aug 8 4:30pm Sunday Aug 10th 8am Friday...
Using CS Lab Resources CSLab resources are primarily intended for research purposes, though we recognize that often research and classwork do overlap. We also ma...
r2 - 31 Aug 2012 - 15:52 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
The CS email server will be taken down permanently in the near future, previously scheduled for October 5, 2012. This does not affect your or @alum.rpi....
r3 - 04 Oct 2012 - 18:30 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
The following networks are used on campus, and you may want to consider special treatment of them on your firewall: * 128.213.x.x CS * 128.113.x.x RPI * ...
r2 - 09 Mar 2010 - 18:38 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
2010/09/24 CII Router Maintenance Due to scheduled maintenance, the main network router in the CII/Low Building will be down between 7:00am and 7:30am on Friday, ...
NEW - 21 Sep 2010 - 18:56 by armstj2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
Passwords * new passwords must be at least 12 characters long and must be changed at least once every two years by using ssh to connect to and ...
If you know which virus or worm you have, you can typically find the proper removal tool at Symantec It is al...
r2 - 19 Jun 2013 - 15:17 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
Offices Each graduate office typically has at least one general purpose CSLab machine. While these machines may not restrict logins locally or remotely, it is exp...
FTP * sftp available on any CS machine
Protecting your web page with .htaccess * create the password file by running * htpasswd c .htpasswd filename * Set permissions to prevent viewing ...
r2 - 29 Dec 2009 - 14:35 by armstj2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
UNIX programs that can be used to launch user commands at specified times command help description see also at man at one time, batch commands to ...
r3 - 31 Aug 2012 - 15:59 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
2018 * January 2018 Outages 2017 * January 2017 Outages * May 2017 Outages 2016 * January 2016 Outages * May 2016 Outages * October 2016 Outages...
URLs * bin/view/Plugins/DragonSkin * DragonSkinConfiguration . txt DragonSkinConfig * Set SKIN = dragon * Set DS_THEME = gray (or...
This year's electrical shutdowns are scheduled as follows: Location Fri Jun 1 Mon Jun 4 Tue Jun 5 Wed Jun 6 Thur Jun 7 Amos Eaton 5 6pm 5 6p...
r4 - 01 Jun 2012 - 14:43 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
Building Time Duration Amos Eaton Monday, Tuesday, Thursday: 6am 7am 0 15 minutes CII Monday, Tuesday, Thursday: 6am 7am 5 60 minutes Lally ...
r4 - 09 Jun 2011 - 15:50 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
Electronics Recycling Dropoff Locations * DCC dock (Darin Communications Center) * VCC basement * JEC Dock * MRC Dock and Cogswell dock * On the...
NEW - 06 May 2009 - 15:31 by armstj2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
There are many mail clients out there, but most will allow you to download your mailbox and store it locally. Mozilla Thunderbird is one I like personally. Mic...
NEW - 14 Jun 2011 - 19:43 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
HOWTO: Configure mac mail Mac OSX 10.4.11 Launch mac mail Enter basic CS account information IMAP Server Setup SMTP Server Setup Summary ...
r3 - 21 May 2010 - 19:29 by armstj2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
HOWTO: Configure an outlook email client Under the tools menu select E Mail Accounts... Select Add a new email account Server type is IMAP Advan...
Assuming all of your email is still on the server and all in your INBOX, you can use Mail Fetcher: * 1. Click on the gear in the upper right hand corner of th...
r3 - 21 Jun 2011 - 16:31 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
Email Servers exchange server for faculty and staff * See for details and links Students...
Department email list server Login * Go to * click on Rensselaer Computer Science * In general, you want to log in with your R...
After quite a bit of trial and error trying to get an iphone4 working with exchange (without the special pay client), we found that if you add an "other" server r...
NEW - 26 Sep 2011 - 21:00 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
This evening, Tuesday November 1st, beginning at approximately 5pm, maintenance to the Exchange Mail Infrastructure will begin. Maintenance may take up to 3 hrs a...
NEW - 01 Nov 2011 - 14:19 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
cs userid transition date status chrisc 9/22 coonrad 9/22 haydent 9/22 lindss2 9/22 paslowp 9/22 * * ** ...
r10 - 28 Sep 2011 - 19:45 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
SSL certificates expired enmasse on 2010/09/24 @ 12:18 * The problem is known and actively being worked on. Workaround * In the warning dialog box displaye...
r2 - 25 Sep 2010 - 00:05 by armstj2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
The problem is typically due to a problem with the registry. As long as you are careful, you can edit it. * Select start run * Enter regedit * Next, b...
r2 - 19 Jun 2013 - 15:26 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
DotCIO will be implementing the following change: As previously announced, this summer we will start blocking access to DNS servers that are not run by RPI. The f...
r2 - 13 Jun 2012 - 20:35 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
Amos Eaton 217 has 10 machines on one side of the room running Ubuntu that allow guest logins. It will not save your settings or files, but is good for quick bro...
NEW - 31 Oct 2011 - 18:04 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
* Faculty_Apply_Oct2014.pdf: Faculty Apply Documentation for Faculty Search Committee Main.PeterBailie 16 Oct 2014
Introduction We recommend using scp (secure copy) or sftp (secure file transfer) for file transfers. S* commands will authenticate your connection to a remote h...
r6 - 04 Apr 2012 - 17:59 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
New Project Space * A CS faculty member should email with the following information: * a suggestion for the name of the project ...
r2 - 20 Jan 2010 - 14:29 by armstj2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
Resources * How do I access a computer (logging in) * Where do I find information on printing problems? * How do I transfer files to and from my account? ...
r8 - 04 Oct 2011 - 19:48 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
Exporting email to a text file From the gmail interface: * click the drop down Arrow by Reply and select the Message text garbled? option * Right click on t...
NEW - 18 Jul 2011 - 14:56 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
Individual users can create groups at following the directions at
r4 - 27 Jun 2011 - 13:08 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
If you log in and see a message along the lines of: * Could not chdir to home directory /cs/${your userid}: Permission denied Home directories are being resto...
r13 - 20 Oct 2010 - 12:27 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
HOWTO: Enable Spam Assassin email filtering * Visit Websieve * Select Add Rule * Set the Spam Score to a reasonable score (default=10) * Select the de...
NEW - 08 Sep 2010 - 16:47 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
HOWTO: Forward email from to * Forwarding RCS Email * or visit and search for Forwarding RCS Email ...
r12 - 13 May 2011 - 18:21 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
Imap server settings: Server port 993 Connection Security: SSL/TLS Authentication method: Normal password ...
NEW - 12 Oct 2011 - 18:18 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
For exchange * For gmail with two factor authentication * You need to...
* Select "Local Folders", then click on "View settings for this account" * Click on "Account Actions" at the bottom, and select "Add Email Account" * Fill i...
HOWTO: Enable your auto responder * Log into * Click on "Options" in the upper right hand corner of the screen, then select "Set Au...
r9 - 10 May 2012 - 14:12 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
Use ssh to connect to and type something along the lines of: * imapsync host1 hostname1 port1 port# user1 userid#1 domain1 fully.qualified...
r3 - 05 Sep 2012 - 16:22 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
The HVAC will be shut down in the MRC from Thursday, January 5th at 8am to Friday, January 6th at 4:30pm. The fans may come on for the period between midnight an...
NEW - 04 Jan 2012 - 14:52 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
* Unless you have a paid support contract, you can only update Java 6 to update version 45, and they reference 81. * If you need to be able to use Banner and...
LOCATION Mon 2 * *Tue 3 Wed 4 impact Amos Eaton 5pm 7pm 5pm 11pm 5pm 11pm normal power outage CCNI 7am 7pm 7am 7pm sporadic emerge...
System Alerts Labstaff 12 May 2008
Calendars * RPI campus calendar * UNIX calendar reminder service * personal calendar program * run by cron, reminders are sent via email *...
NEW - 28 May 2010 - 14:31 by armstj2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
Outages date status description 5/23 ok campus power outage approximately 20:20 22:00 Scheduled Maintenance date status description 6/30...
We ask that you obtain an RCS Guest account to tie in for email and uid integration, and send the RCS login with the request for a CS account to labstaff. If you ...
r2 - 26 Jun 2013 - 17:22 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
FAQ Frequently Asked Questions Topics * Computing Facilities * Computing Services * perl * Python * Subversion Revision Control * Servers * ...
WARNING! THIS TOPIC IS GENERATED BY TWiki.ChecklistPlugin PLUGIN. DO NOT EDIT THIS TOPIC (except table data)! Back to the checklist topic LabstaffHowto. *context...
HOWTOs * Request a new project area for submission * Contact labstaff with course number, group members/unix group name .StevenLindsey 2013 06 19
r4 - 19 Jun 2013 - 18:32 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
Introduction Logging in remotely Logging in from the command line * Use the ssh (secure shell) command * ssh ${login} p 22 Logging in u...
Table of Contents VPN to campus Follow the directions at remote access/vpn connection and installation/configuring vpn ma...
CPAN module shell/installer * cpan clean ${package} * cpan install ${package} * Reconfigure cpan environment: cmd=o conf init SEGV or out of memory whil...
r5 - 19 Jun 2013 - 15:28 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
Printing Configuration * Check the list of PublicPrinters for details on drivers and configuration options before proceeding to the general directions below ...
Windows Without Cygwin * If you do not have Cygwin installed, you can use another ssh client, such as putty to connect * click on putty.exe to download ...
r4 - 29 Aug 2012 - 20:56 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
Department servers Network services provided by the department include web, filesystem, backup, and remote access. Servers that you are likely to need are: hos...
Trusty Tahr (Ubuntu 14.04 LTS) Desktop Search Privacy Since Quantal Quetzal (12.10), the Ubuntu desktop's search tool, Dash, will (by default) share search queri...
UNC Paths path resource Description \\sambasrv\swinstall RCS RPI Software installation note Connect to RCS resources using your RCS login and pass...
Requesting a loaner laptop * A CS faculty member should email with the following information: * A list of CS/RCS user ids who will ne...
r8 - 19 Jun 2013 - 18:29 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
NEW - 17 Sep 2012 - 13:09 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
Requesting a new mailing list * See for details on requesting a mailing list from the VCC .StevenLindsey ...
r2 - 31 Oct 2011 - 20:24 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
Transitioning existing mailing lists * Select the desired CS mailing list off of * Click on the administrative inter...
NEW - 27 Jun 2011 - 12:58 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
For CS mailing lists, log into with your subscribed email address and password. You should see a list of lists that you are su...
r4 - 19 Jun 2013 - 15:22 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
There will be a change in the way the campus handles MX records for the CS domain. It has the potential to affect email delivery from off campus senders, but we ...
r4 - 14 Mar 2012 - 15:58 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
There is a planned outage of the campus exchange email server from 5pm 6pm on Wednesday, March 13th. It is recommended (but not required) that you exit your mai...
NEW - 06 Mar 2013 - 13:39 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
There will be a cooling shutdown in the MRC lasting from 8am to 4pm. We will be shutting down the grid machines named after states and research machines hosted i...
NEW - 07 Jan 2011 - 15:40 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
Scheduled outages affecting CS will be as follows: Building Mon Aug 9 Tue Aug 10 Wed Aug 11 Amos Eaton 3:30pm 7:30pm 3:30pm Thursday morning ...
r3 - 06 Aug 2010 - 20:05 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
I migrated our database from our FreeBSD server to an Ubuntu server on Tuesday, January 15. There was a brief outage from 9am to about 9:30am while the current d...
r2 - 15 Jan 2013 - 14:37 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
There will be brief interruptions as ports are switched from our closet to the VCC closet beginning around 10am. There should be no change in the way things work ...
r4 - 15 Aug 2011 - 15:08 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
Mathworks, Inc. has modified the licensing structure for Matlab. Going forward the faculty/staff license will be separate from the student license. This distincti...
NEW - 03 Aug 2012 - 13:23 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
There is a charge of $0.05 per minute, and the complete directions are at Main.StevenLindsey 21 Jan 2009
NEW - 21 Jan 2009 - 20:49 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
There will be a brief filesystem interruption as we re load mountd to update filesystem mounts.
NEW - 04 Mar 2011 - 15:33 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
URLs * bin/view/Plugins/MoveableTypeSkin * MoveableTypeSkin . txt MoveableTypeSkin Contrib Package The Moveable Type style repository w...
URLs * bin/view/Plugins/NatSkin * bin/view/Plugins/NatSkinPlugin * config file: NatSkinConfiguration . txt * S...
We have moved all home directories and projects onto a network appliance(NetApp). This gives us greater reliability of storage, lower maintenance, and far simple...
r4 - 26 Aug 2011 - 14:23 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
There will be a number of power outages, primarily on the weekends to allow for replacing the electrical feeder. We recommend shutting down your machines ahead of...
Obtaining CS Accounts * Any faculty, staff, or graduate student of the Department of Computer Science may obtain an account for CSLab machines. These accounts ...
Students with the assistance of Rensselaer Center for Open Source the Open World project are providing a on campus mirror of several popular GNU/Linux, BSD and ...
NEW - 30 May 2009 - 14:06 by armstj2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
Projects server not exporting projects, fixed
NEW - 04 Jun 2010 - 16:13 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
Server for windows printing has unexpectedly powered down and was offline (2nd time). Powered back on and will be migrated onto new hardware.
r2 - 10 Jun 2010 - 15:39 by armstj2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
Home directories were temporarily unavailable due to server problems Drive failed and removed from raid array. Awaiting replacement Replacement installed and arr...
r4 - 09 Jun 2010 - 14:50 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
Amos Eaton UPS failure Brief outages may occur as we switch from one UPS to the other UPS declared itself dead 6/10/2010
NEW - 10 Jun 2010 - 15:57 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
Home directory server is currently unavailable Fixed around 2:55pm
r2 - 14 Jun 2010 - 19:51 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
CII Air conditioning outage * The VCC paged at 11:22pm reporting that the chilled water temperature was rising quickly in the CII and that HVAC had been notifi...
NEW - 01 Jul 2010 - 03:58 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
Project outage /projects were unavailable from around 5am until 9:23am when the outage was noticed
NEW - 01 Jul 2010 - 15:12 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
CGI web server outage * stability problems with CGI server * both fans had died * seems to be better after replacement
NEW - 09 Jul 2010 - 15:51 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
Outgoing mail is currently not being sent but is queueing up on the local machines Problem fixed 3:48pm, but it may take a while to clear unsent messages. Otherw...
r2 - 07 Jul 2010 - 20:12 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
2010/07/08 * Network outage * Bad switch removed from service 2010/07/07 * Network instability reported * Network switch rebooted .JoeyArmstro...
NEW - 08 Jul 2010 - 16:24 by armstj2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
Extensive outage in MRC * Networking, some phones, and the video bulletin boards affected * VCC notified at 4:30 * Root cause unknown, but may have been ...
NEW - 09 Jul 2010 - 15:29 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
Electrical problems in Amos Eaton machine room * UPS died and was causing machines attached to it to reboot occasionally at first, and then nearly constatntly ...
NEW - 10 Jul 2010 - 18:49 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
After experiencing extreme network slowness, we tracked it down to packet loss going from the CS network to the VCC (but not the other direction). We will be rep...
r3 - 14 Jul 2010 - 20:21 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
* OPS paged at 11:20pm on the 17th saying the cooling had failed and the temperature was going up. * No word from HVAC as of midnight, so cluster shut down ...
r2 - 20 Jul 2010 - 17:23 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
Confirmed that mail seems to be piling up on the RCS exchange server for CS accounts since the 27th. Working with the VCC to fix the problem. Email from off cam...
NEW - 29 Jul 2010 - 17:37 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
July Home Directory Problems * intermittent packet loss between CS networking and VCC * attempting to narrow down source of problem
NEW - 09 Jul 2010 - 15:58 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
July Mail Server Problems * July 7 * many messages bounced 7/8/2010 due to dns problems * some local messages delayed or bounced * messages s...
r2 - 13 Jul 2010 - 13:31 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
July Projects Directories Problems * July 9 * Lost contact with LDAP server rebooted to restore service * Multiple projects claiming to be 100% f...
NEW - 09 Jul 2010 - 16:14 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
Home directories were unavailable due to an error with LDAP group generation.
NEW - 16 Aug 2010 - 13:34 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
New samba server not mounting home directories Reverted to old samba server
NEW - 16 Aug 2010 - 15:11 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
Samba/Windows home directories were unavailable after the server rebooted
NEW - 24 Aug 2010 - 18:31 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
A brief outage occurred when the server rebooted unexpectedly
NEW - 24 Aug 2010 - 16:24 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
2010/09/30 OK Projects fileserver filled last night around 7:30pm 2010/09/28 OK Remote hosts ashley and monica are offline. An interactive user shell u...
NEW - 11 Oct 2010 - 19:58 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
Home directory server temporarily unavailable. NFS trouble and server panic during orderly shutdown
NEW - 09 Sep 2010 - 14:41 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
2010/10/28 completed 8am 10am bi monthly scheduled server maintenance 2010/10/27 ok Remote access machines monica and mary kate are unresponsive 2...
NEW - 01 Nov 2010 - 19:57 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
2010/11/24 ok Home directory access offline will be restored in ~15/20 minutes 2010/11/24 ok Home directories are not accessible.TWiki server was also...
NEW - 01 Dec 2010 - 19:37 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
Date Status* *Description 2011/1/24 ok Unplanned power outage affected several buildings 2011/1/11 ok Unplanned power outage affected several bui...
NEW - 01 Feb 2011 - 19:18 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
Server went down at 3:32am and was restored to service 7:42am.
NEW - 10 Jan 2011 - 18:08 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
Buildings affected included AE, Lally, Sage, MRC, and others. Did not include VCC, Folsom, or CII Duration around 30 minutes. Cause was said to be a squirrel sho...
NEW - 11 Jan 2011 - 21:12 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
Date Status Description 2011/02/28 OK Mailserver problems 2011/02/23 ok Second disk replaced in the department database server, rebuilt 20...
NEW - 03 Mar 2011 - 02:13 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
Current Status * Accounts restored as of 6am on 2/20/2011. Symptoms * zfs filesystem /cs home directories are mounted from has reported corruption. * H...
r27 - 20 Feb 2011 - 11:00 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
* We were having trouble with the hard drives in the raid array, and the progress that had been made on restores was lost. * An older copy of web pages is now ...
r19 - 04 Mar 2011 - 22:25 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
Laundry list * Clam Antivirus corrupt virus scanner DBs were found on two mailservers that affected receipt of incoming mail. Content has been replaced with...
NEW - 01 Mar 2011 - 01:24 by armstj2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
date status description 2011/03/27 ok project server unavailable 2011/03/25 OK kerberos server hard drive replacement. Drive replaced ~12:30 ...
NEW - 29 Mar 2011 - 14:33 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
Server returned to service. No file loss.
r2 - 07 Mar 2011 - 21:04 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
It looks like the server started having trouble around 4am but was available to most machines, and started having widespread trouble around 7am. The machine is b...
NEW - 08 Mar 2011 - 14:31 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
2011/04/30 OK Home directories unavailable, synchronizing disks 2011/04/13 OK A networking switch in Amos Eaton croaked this morning. Servers have been...
NEW - 02 May 2011 - 11:35 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
At current rebuild rate, it won't be done until 9am 4/30/2011 at the earliest. 90% complete as of 8:28am Service restored 9:48 am
r3 - 30 Apr 2011 - 13:49 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
* 2011/05/28 ok Home directory server outage * 2011/05/04 ok Home directory server outage * 2011/05/03 ok Home directory server outage *...
NEW - 01 Jun 2011 - 15:30 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
date status description 2011/06/29 ok Some web pages weren't loading if hosted on netapp due to change in mount options 2011/06/29 stable projec...
NEW - 30 Jun 2011 - 18:55 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
status as of 8/1/2011 7/29/2011 down printing is down 7/28/2011 ok Remote access machines mounting /projects and /cs from netapp (see home directory...
NEW - 01 Aug 2011 - 16:37 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
As of 9/1/2011 8/9/2011 down samba printing not working, see updated printing directions 8/9/2011 ok problems receiving some off campus email 8...
NEW - 02 Sep 2011 - 18:11 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
10/27/2011 ok cgi server down with ipmi problems, fixed 8/1/2011 down workstations need to be reinstalled 7/21/2011 degraded MRC machine room AC...
NEW - 01 Nov 2011 - 20:14 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
11/1/2011 ok AC in AE 118 stopped working, fixed at least short term
NEW - 01 Dec 2011 - 16:43 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
12/5/2011 ok AE 118 AC condensate pump failed bypassed 12/1/2011 ok Email mx record changed prematurely, mailing lists, students, and a few others aff...
NEW - 03 Jan 2012 - 16:07 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
date status description 1/3/2012 Unexpected power fluctuation disrupted heat on AE 1st floor and killed at least one machine 1/25/2012 ok Web se...
NEW - 01 Feb 2012 - 16:48 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
The web server which serves home pages was down due to all of the httpd processes being stuck on disk wait. Server stalled during reboot and had to be power cycl...
r2 - 25 Jan 2012 - 17:53 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
2/13/2012 fixed 3:10pm pager service not working 2/13/2012 print server flakey 2/15/2012 complete MRC networking changeover 2/15/2012 ok...
NEW - 29 Feb 2012 - 20:13 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
3/28/2012 ok Homework submission confirmation email bouncing, will be relayed manually occasionally 3/20/2012 ok Twiki server ran out of swap and reboot...
r2 - 02 Apr 2012 - 14:06 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
4/14/2012 ok Power outage, AE 118 AC, unix print server, and misc. machines affected 4/4/2012 ok AE 118 severe AC issues 4/2/2012 ok IMAP connec...
NEW - 03 May 2012 - 01:24 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
5/3/2012 dead Unix print server down 5/16/2012 ok Mailing list server down 5/18/2012 ok Mailing list problems mailman process restarted 5/...
NEW - 13 Jun 2012 - 17:14 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
6/1 6/7 complete 2012 Electrical Shutdown 6/7/2012 complete Off campus DNS servers to be blocked at firewall 6/15/2012 complete Alumni email f...
NEW - 02 Jul 2012 - 14:24 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
7/17 ok Brief campus wide network outage 7/20 7/23 ok RCS authentication issues affecting some users
NEW - 01 Aug 2012 - 16:10 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
8/1 complete Power outage in AE and Lally 8/13 complete mailing list transition 8/14 complete MRC power outage 5pm 7pm 8/28 complete MRC...
NEW - 05 Sep 2012 - 13:51 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
9/16 working CS mailing lists broken, working as of 9/17 10:37am 9/25 working outgoing mail broken for cs sender addresses
NEW - 02 Oct 2012 - 13:29 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
10/2 ok Email server config problems
NEW - 04 Nov 2012 - 13:57 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
11/4 degraded old mail server running with hardware problems 11/18 fixed cooling problems in VCC, shutting some servers down
NEW - 08 Jan 2013 - 17:30 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
1/24 ok CS mailing lists are bouncing to all recipients. VCC notified 1/26 @ 20:42
NEW - 05 Feb 2013 - 18:26 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
6/13 fixed before 9:30am problems connecting to respite or sending email through IMAP reported web client seems to work
NEW - 01 Jul 2013 - 14:27 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
7/30 fixed The server for subversion and twiki lost a disk, restored from tape
NEW - 09 Aug 2013 - 18:41 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
Aug 30 working authentication issues with email again Aug 28 working authentication issues were causing problems sending email and connecting to wirel...
NEW - 03 Sep 2013 - 16:50 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
8/31 9/3 fixed ldap problems July 19 2013 Service Outage MRC Machine Room cooling failed. We are looking to move machines out of the room.
NEW - 08 Oct 2013 - 12:41 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
11/20/13 ok Networking down in CII and surrounding areas due to an outage in the networking closet. Service restored around 8pm.
NEW - 03 Dec 2013 - 19:34 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
12/13/13 ok router in VCC crashed and rebooted please report any lingering issues 12/3/13 ok exchange email authentication outage
NEW - 03 Jan 2014 - 16:44 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
1/27/14 replaced zlw out of service, replaced by la218lw 1/28/14 1/16/14 ok outage due to error in patching 1/3/14 ok Subversion ...
NEW - 07 Feb 2014 - 19:10 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
2/27/14 ok Wireless is not working properly. It often takes several minutes of waiting to get an address
4/8/14 Patched ssl and rebooted web servers
June 3 fixed One of the Lally networking switches died, some ports on 2nd and 3rd floors affected. Awaiting repair by DotCIO.
4/22/15 fixed Authentication issues interfering with wireless service and most methods of sending campus email
5/18/15 fixed Networking or DNS issues on campus from about noon to 2pm
6/23/15 ok Unexpected power outage around 8:45pm
9/21/15 fixed DNS timing out sporadically VCC aware
10/12 fixed 10/15 One AC in AE 118 not working, part ordered and awaiting repair, operating using portable AC
11/2/15 ok Widespread problems with wireless networking. The VCC is aware and working on it.
1/29/16 fixed aeloungelw was not accepting print jobs
5/31 service relocated the machine serving suffered a hard drive failure and services have been relocated to another machine
10/4/16 ok Our connection to the netapp was down from around 9am to 11am due to NFS server memory exhaustion 10/5/16 ok CII machine room overheated and ...
12/4/15 ok Network outage in VCC 6:30am 12:30pm
1/30/17 ok Chiller outage required shutdown of CII machine room around 5:15am
5/15/17 5/16/17 unreliable overnight It appears that the exchange server ran out of space and some messages were being rejected, problem fixed 5/16/17@8:34
1/24/18 ok Campus wide network outage 12:15pm 12:31pm
The air conditioner in Amos Eaton 118 stopped working. The unit turned off because the conensate pump was too full. After manually draining the pump and cleanin...
NEW - 01 Nov 2011 - 20:16 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
The exhaust hose for Amos Eaton 118 (Cisco Academy) tore through in two places and could not be repaired. I was eventually able to install a new exhaust hose and ...
NEW - 04 Apr 2012 - 15:06 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
The file server was on its way back up and was checking the filesystem when the watchdog timer expired and rebooted the machine Machine restored to service 8:07pm...
r2 - 04 Nov 2010 - 00:07 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
Both network connections to the file server timed out and the machine had to be rebooted.
NEW - 17 Nov 2010 - 23:18 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
Home directory server running in degraded mode. Users logged in may see degraded performance.
r2 - 11 Jun 2011 - 13:10 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
The CGI server ran out of swap space during project submission and crashed and would not boot due to the IPMI log being full. Booted to BIOS and cleared out yea...
NEW - 28 Oct 2011 - 13:22 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
Cooling is back, and not expected to need to be shut down in an emergency situation as the load has been rebalanced, but the electrical work is not all done, so a...
r3 - 23 Jun 2011 - 12:46 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
An emergency power outage is being scheduled by the RPI Electrical shop to replace an emergency transfer switch at the CII. The outage is scheduled to beginning ...
NEW - 15 Nov 2012 - 20:31 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
The following message came out warning of a brief outage Friday, November 30 starting at 6am. Please plan accordingly. DotCIO will be implementing some changes t...
NEW - 28 Nov 2012 - 17:46 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
DNS service is now handled by the VCC, but short term please continue to send requests through labstaff #64; until troubleshooting is complete.
r6 - 03 Aug 2011 - 12:45 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
The project server crashed twice when trying to delete a project that was interfering with backups. We will leave it until the transition to the netapp is comple...
NEW - 29 Jun 2011 - 14:16 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
Due to some file corruption in the email server config, some people were not able to delete email. Problems should all have been fixed by 2am Oct 3.
NEW - 03 Oct 2012 - 13:43 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
OutageGithub is blocked by the VCC at the moment because it wound up on a blacklist (Botnet Traffic Filter). They said that someone from github will need to talk t...
NEW - 28 Oct 2010 - 19:48 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
The unix print server rebooted 3 times last night. Printing directly to printer not affected.
NEW - 13 Feb 2012 - 15:54 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
Server mysteriously rebooted twice and won't respond now. Printing directly to printers from desktops or not affected, but printing from remote.c...
r3 - 07 May 2012 - 16:17 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
The server on which home directories and the majority of our infrastructure depends is no longer able to boot properly. I finished copying the information off of...
r4 - 01 Aug 2011 - 14:01 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
One of the campus LDAP servers run by CMT,, started having disk issues late last week. Saturday, it effectively died. As it turns out, a lot of...
NEW - 03 Sep 2013 - 20:31 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
CS Mailing lists were not working properly. Old messages should all be sent.
r2 - 06 Mar 2012 - 18:05 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
The network transition is complete. Some ports on subnet 17 had a configuration problem, but should be fixed as of 3:30pm 2/15/2012. If you are still having any ...
r3 - 15 Feb 2012 - 20:49 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
OutageMRCCooling is available again providing the air conditioning continues to work and at least some of the machines should be available during the pow...
r6 - 06 Jun 2011 - 15:49 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
Cooling should be stable, although another outage to finish fixing the electrical infrastructure may still be needed in the future. If is not av...
r7 - 23 Jun 2011 - 12:48 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
Mail server was dependent on several other servers, and we were hoping to migrate away from it before problems hit. Unfortunately that was not possible, so I con...
r7 - 01 Aug 2011 - 15:47 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
It appears that email sent to (CS) mailing lists started bouncing January 24th or 25th. Regular email does not appear to be affected. Missed messages will still...
r2 - 27 Jan 2013 - 10:52 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
Mailing lists broken as of November 11th at 4:59 pm. Problem seems to have come from nscd caching bad data. Still trying to fix problems that stemmed from it. Ma...
r2 - 12 Nov 2010 - 20:01 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
Due to an air conditioning outage in the MRC, we have shut down all of the machines in the MRC machine room except for the networking switches, which we hoped wou...
r11 - 07 Oct 2011 - 16:02 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
Due to a misunderstanding, the partition on the NetApp that most of the personal web directories were mounted on was was believed to be inactive and destroyed Jul...
r13 - 19 Jul 2011 - 16:13 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
Those users not transitioned to exchange and CS mailing lists not working due to a mistake in DNS. Fixed around 1:30pm. It turned out that problems from the chang...
r3 - 01 Dec 2011 - 21:48 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
The server reports that the user is not known when trying to send from the exchange server to a non exchange email address even when using the web client. It appe...
NEW - 25 Sep 2012 - 18:54 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
Some users seem to have corrupt entries that allow them to get their mail, but not log in to respite or the VPN. Changing the password sometimes fixes the proble...
NEW - 23 Jul 2012 - 18:34 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
The mailing list server went down and was up as of 12:25pm.
NEW - 16 May 2012 - 16:25 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
The subversion and trac server appeared to have lost a power supply. Since it was going to take over 2 weeks to fix it, we transferred the service to another mac...
r4 - 22 Jan 2014 - 20:40 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
While trying to restore an old web page for a user, the filesystem mounts got messed up. Everything should be back to normal as of 10:20pm 2/15/2012. Outage due ...
r2 - 29 Feb 2012 - 16:03 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
FreeBSD workstations depended on barak and will need to be re installed with Ubuntu when time permits (not for a while) Solaris workstations will need to be conve...
r3 - 28 Oct 2011 - 13:23 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
Physical Facilities said that the MRC is in a shutdown and would be for at least 2 days. Shutting down machines in the MRC machine room to prevent heat damage. ...
r7 - 05 Jan 2011 - 14:37 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
URLs * Email Help Configuration * Webmail Problems 2010 06 04 * Intermittent problems have been reported. * remote clients may have problems conn...
r2 - 07 Jun 2010 - 09:37 by armstj2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
Changing your password When you receive your account info, please log in to and change your password with the passwd command. When picking you...
We are expiring passwords for all users that have not changed their passwords since January 2011. You will be required to log in to (or one of ...
r6 - 07 Jun 2011 - 20:40 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
To set the default domain in pine, type the following: * m (for the main menu) * s (for setup) * c (for config) * select userdomain ...
NEW - 28 Jan 2010 - 21:53 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
Adjusting browser settings to prevent use of SSLv3 Firefox * in a new tab, type about:config in the address box * scroll down and double click on the line ...
Requesting creation of a project database * A CS faculty member should email with the following information: * Database name * ...
r3 - 20 Jan 2010 - 14:50 by armstj2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
There is a power outage scheduled for Amos Eaton, Lally, and the Green building from 1pm on August 1st to 3am on August 2nd. Email and will not...
r6 - 02 Aug 2012 - 10:53 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
5 7pm Remove breaker for repair. This is phase 1 of 3. Two additional outages will be required to complete this work. The next two dates are TBD. See also http...
NEW - 03 Jul 2012 - 14:04 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
Power will be out for portions of 4:30pm to 6:30pm on Tuesday, August 28th. Please see for details.
NEW - 21 Aug 2012 - 12:57 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
Building 5/31 6/1 6/2 6/3 Amos Eaton 5pm 7pm 5pm 7pm 5pm 7pm CII 1pm 2am 5pm 7pm 5pm 7pm Lally 5pm 7pm 5pm 7pm 5pm 7pm ...
location July 3 July 5 July 6 July 7 *July 10 * Amos Eaton N/A 4:30pm 9:30pm (a) 4:30pm 8:30pm (a) 4:30 6:30pm (b) all day (c) CII all ...
Reporting a problem Before reporting a problem, please check the downtime page to see if the problem has already been reported. Problems with email should be repo...
r5 - 16 Aug 2012 - 13:33 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
Public CS printers * unix name * * ip address * * location * * reachability * model special notes *config options * plw MR...
Last Published Publisher JoeyArmstrong Date 02 Jan 2008 19:48 {PublishContrib}{Dir} /local/TWiki/published/ {PublishContrib}{URL}
r30 - 08 Jan 2010 - 00:16 by armstj2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
Web Resources url Description Project home page Tutorial Google Boo...
We currently are constrained for central disk space as a department and ask that you use the space appropriately.
r2 - 10 May 2012 - 14:04 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
* Request: Creation of a project database * Request: Creation of a Mailing List * Request: Filesystem Storage * Request: Creation of a Subversion Reposit...
r7 - 17 Jul 2012 - 19:10 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
Departmental Backups Files in your unix home directory or under project space are automatically backed up several times each day. A snapshot (see below) of files...
RPICS wireless service will be discontinued June 30th, 2010. You should transition to 802.1x wireless ahead of time and let us know of any difficulties you have....
r3 - 29 Jun 2010 - 15:49 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
UNC paths for mounting directories path resource Description \\ CS Unix home directories \\ CS Departm...
r2 - 23 May 2011 - 20:36 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
Scanner Resources Lally 210 Copier Rom * Device: Xerox Workcentre 7775 MRC 335A * Device: Xerox Workcentre 7556 HOWTO: Scan and email documents in pdf fo...
r4 - 19 Jun 2013 - 18:36 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
/projects will be temporarily unavailable around 1am for system maintenance
NEW - 07 Jun 2010 - 16:24 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
We transitioned to having the VCC provide dns on Wednesday, August 3rd at 8am due to technical problems. If you manually configure your DNS settings, it should be...
r4 - 03 Aug 2011 - 14:07 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
We are transitioning to email being hosted on the campus exchange server. During the transition, you can check to see if it is complete by sending email to your ...
r35 - 10 Aug 2012 - 14:51 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
Main.JoeyArmstrong 28 May 2008
The following is a list of commonly used packages with high impact vulnerabilities (more recent at the top): Package OS Minimum Version As of * Severity...
Packages Available from CS Windows * Windows 7 Enterprise (32 and 64 bit) * Microsoft Office 2010 (and 2013, but not recommended) Mac * Microsoft Offic...
r3 - 19 Jun 2013 - 18:26 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
The following is a list of commonly used packages with high impact vulnerabilities (more recent at the top): Package OS Minimum Version As of Java a...
NEW - 19 Jun 2013 - 15:08 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
Many students have had their CS email migrated to being delivered to their CS accounts. Please be sure to update your Respite settings to be sure your spam filte...
NEW - 26 Mar 2012 - 19:27 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
Intent The Student RA Letter Generator (SRA) can be used to enter data and batch a request to have a Research Assistant letter printed and mailed to students. In...
r13 - 28 Apr 2010 - 15:47 by armstj2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
Subversion references url Description Web based repository browser Oreilly documentat...
Requesting creation of a subversion repository * A CS faculty member should email with the following information: * Repository name ...
r7 - 19 Jun 2013 - 18:24 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
Linux * Ubuntu Linux 12.04, 14.04 * Please see LabstaffUbuntu for additional advice. OSX/ Apple ( not officially supported ) * Labstaff will help as p...
The CS mailing lists transitioned to the Sympa server in the VCC, and are accessible from In brief: * The new server has a lot more ...
r8 - 30 Aug 2012 - 16:32 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
TWiki Logos The official TWiki logo is a big "T" in a speech bubble convenying "working together", and has a "collaborate with TWiki" tag line. Logo A...
Site level preferences are located in .TWikiPreferences , however this .TWikiPreferences prefs topic has override priority and should be used for local cus...
RPI CS Twiki Problems * After logging in with CS account password user is identified as 'EDU' in the top left corner (Hello EDU) * FIX: Register to creat...
For all regular requests, send email to labstaff #64; If you need to page labstaff, faculty and staff can email labstaff pager #64; Please ...
HELP: I am unable to edit wiki web pages * First register with the twiki server * A valid CS or RCS login / email address is required * After register...
r3 - 08 Oct 2010 - 20:27 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
WARNING! THIS TOPIC IS GENERATED BY TWiki.ChecklistPlugin PLUGIN. DO NOT EDIT THIS TOPIC (except table data)! Back to the checklist topic TwikiHowto. context *...
NEW - 19 Sep 2010 - 19:08 by armstj2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
Logging In using your CS Account The first time you log in, it will most likely be through ssh to or directly on one of the public workstations i...
r9 - 30 Mar 2012 - 20:13 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
To set up a server you maintain that can be accessed from off campus * Secure your server * Don't use weak passwords * Keep up to date on system pa...
User Responsibilities Users are expected to follow some fairly obvious rules of conduct (in addition to those in the document Policy on Electronic Citizenship, wh...
r2 - 05 Apr 2012 - 17:40 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
Using Your CS Account You may ssh into to access your home directory and run programs. Please be considerate and confine extended runs for resea...
Resolving Guest DNS While Connected to Campus VPN If your Virtualbox Guest cannot resolve DNS while the host is connected to campus VPN do the following: Find ...
If your computer did not come with an anti virus package installed, Microsoft Security Essentials is free to download from US/wind...
r2 - 10 May 2012 - 14:20 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
Foswiki's LabstaffWeb web
r2 - 24 Jan 2006 - 06:07 by TWikiContributor
Checking for certificate expiration * Internet Explorer * select Internet Options #8594; Advanced and under the Security heading, make sure that "Check ...
chrome firefox * T ools, Add Ons * Click the Get Add ons tab * Click Browse All Add ons in the top right corner * Search for plugins of interest the...
r3 - 15 Nov 2006 - 19:43 by TWikiContributor
Important Note * Do not fall for scams that try to gather passwords or personal information. (Click here for tips on avoiding them) * Alerts and Downtime ...
r4 - 15 Nov 2006 - 19:43 by TWikiContributor
" warn="off"}% * * * * * * * *
r4 - 28 Mar 2005 - 09:40 by TWikiContributor
* .StevenLindsey: Labstaff* __ .WebChangesAlert, ., .TWikiRegistration
r9 - 03 Feb 2010 - 11:44 by armstj2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
From your home directory, type: * mkdir public.html * chmod 755 public.html and then put your index.html and other files inside the directory. Your web p...
LabstaffWeb Web Preferences The following settings are web preferences of the LabstaffWeb web. These preferences overwrite the site level preferences in . and...
r22 - 31 Aug 2009 - 16:54 by armstj2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
" else="Foswiki's LabstaffWeb web"}% /LabstaffWeb
r4 - 28 Mar 2005 - 09:40 by TWikiContributor
Avoiding Web Scams * Always suspect requests for information that you did not initiate. * Hover over links before clicking them and make sure they are point...
r3 - 15 Nov 2006 - 19:43 by TWikiContributor
r3 - 15 Nov 2006 - 19:43 by TWikiContributor
Statistics for LabstaffWeb Web Month: Topic views: Topic saves: File uploads: Most popular topic views: Top contributors for topic save and uploa...
r2 - 15 Nov 2006 - 19:43 by TWikiContributor
item sub item Main.YourAdHere 26 Aug, 2009
NEW - 26 Aug 2009 - 17:07 by armstj2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
r3 - 15 Nov 2006 - 19:43 by TWikiContributor
Setting up your CS web page * create a directory named public.html * cd * mkdir public.html * chmod 0755 public.html * create all web docu...
CS Department Wiki Servers TODO * TWikiSkins Skin TWiki for RPI * Add ALLOWtCCHANGE = $user to the new user template * Obsolete hosts wiki3.cs and wik...
Pages in a TWiki web are rendered dynamically when requested. When pages grow large and cannot be broken down into a hierarchy web of pages rendering them can ta...
NEW - 19 Nov 2009 - 16:58 by armstj2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
Requesting creation of a wiki web * A CS faculty member should email with the following information: * Name of the wiki web * F...
r4 - 11 Oct 2011 - 20:27 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
Users are recommended (by US CERT) to take the following actions to remediate Simda (and other) infections: * Use and maintain anti virus software Anti virus...
Printing * If you have problems with the HP printer installer, try the following: * Download the latest software from the web site * Select the advan...
February 17, 2010 * zeus having hardware problems causing instability * removed 10G networking card to restore stability .StevenLindsey 18 Feb 2010
NEW - 18 Feb 2010 - 20:22 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
Zeus continues to have problems with one of the partitions. We hope to have it back up on the 5th or 6th after moving data off of the affected partition. .Stev...
NEW - 05 Mar 2010 - 04:29 by lindss2@LAB.CS.RPI.EDU
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