Setting up your CS web page

  • create a directory named public.html
    • cd
    • mkdir public.html
    • chmod 0755 public.html
  • create all web documents beneath the public.html/ directory.
    • index.html - your main web page that will link to all other documents.
    • Documents can be accessed using the web url:
  • create cgi / php / pl / python / ... web scripts beneath public.html/cgi-bin/
    • Web scripts can be accessed using the web url:
  • you may want to look at htaccess documentation if you need to furthur configure your web page access

Make your web page accessible

Consider designing your page to be mobile-friendly


  • File permissions on web scripts are important, be careful when assigning them.
  • Apache may refuse to launch scripts that have group or world write access or could be modified because parent directories have group or world write access.

-- StevenLindsey - 02 May 2018
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