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The RPI-MATLAB-Simulator (RmS) is tool for research and education in multi-body dynamics. RmS is designed and organized to be extended. Its modular design allows users to edit or add new simulation components without worrything about extra implementation details. The main page for RmS, including source code and examples, is hosted at

RmS has several dynamics formulations and solvers already available, along with multiple body geometries and basic collision detection. An example script and simulation scene are given below.
c1 = mesh_cube() ;
     c1.setPosition([ -1;0;0]) ;
     c1.setStatic( true ) ;
c2 = mesh_cube() ;
     c2.setPosition([1;0;0]) ;
     c2.setStatic( true ) ;
c3 = mesh_cube() ;
     c3.setPosition([0;1;0]) ;
     c3.setStatic( true ) ;
c4 = mesh_cube() ;
     c4.setPosition([0; -1;0]) ;
     c4.setStatic( true ) ;
dropBox = mesh_cube() ;
     dropBox.setPosition([0;0;1.5]) ;
     dropBox.scale (0.99999) ;
bodies = { c1 ; c2 ; c3 ; c4 ; dropBox };
sim = Simulation( bodies , 0.01) ; ;

daVinci Code

daVinci Code is open-source software for simulating and animating 2d and 3d systems of bodies interacting through intermittent and steady contacts with Coulomb friction. dVC2d is for systems of bodies whose motions are restricted to a plane. All forces act in the plane and all moments are perpendicular to the plane. dVC2d also supports a 2.5D mode in which the objects move on a horizontal support plane with gravity acting to press the objects against the plane. The out-of-plane forces give rise to friction forces in the plane as the objects slides.

dVC3d is for 3d multibody systems. It is compatible with the Bullet Physics Library (\).

  • The dVC2d code can be found here. Installation and documentation by Doxygen is here.
  • dvc3d
  • The dVC3d code is here : dVC3d
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