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Mining Network Processes

Speaker: Petko Bogdanov
University at New York, Albany

April 7, 2015 - 4:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Location: Troy 2018
Hosted By: Dr. Sibel Adali (x8407)


Network processes evolve according to the underlying network structure and modify both local node properties as well the global network state. A number of examples exist in diverse network genres: traffic jams in road networks, information foraging in document networks such as Wikipedia and spread of viral memes and opinions in social networks. The importance of understanding, predicting and controlling the network behavior in the aforementioned domains opens a number of algorithmic challenges. How to detect and track evolving network processes in time? How to predict the global network state given the properties of succinct substructures affected by local processes? How to compress all nodes’ states using a small number of bits? How to address the above in a scalable manner handling the abundant and feature-rich data generated in modern networks? In this presentation I will discuss our recent work on discovery, classification and summarization of networks affected by local in-network processes in the context of biological, transportation, and social and information networks.


Petko Bogdanov is an Assistant Professor in the computer science department at University at Albany - SUNY. His research interests include data mining and management with a focus on graph data and applications to bioinformatics, neuroscience, material informatics and sociology. Previously, he was a postdoctoral fellow in the department of computer science at University of California, Santa Barbara. He received his PhD and MS in Computer Science from the University of California, Santa Barbara in 2012 and his BE in Computer Engineering from the Technical University of Sofia in 2005. Dr. Bogdanov is a member of the IEEE and the ACM.

Last updated: April 6, 2015