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Processing and Routing Streams in a Networked World

Ugur Cetintemel
Computer Science Department
Brown University

Friday, May  4, 2007

This talk will provide an overview of our recent work on building distributed stream-oriented software infrastructures at Brown. Our goal is to provide robust, scalable software support for an emerging class of applications that require collection, processing and distribution of large volumes of real-time data streams, generated by a number of potentially distributed data sources (such as cameras, weather stations, and network monitors). In particular, the talk will cover the high-level design and the key features of Borealis, a distributed stream processor, and XPORT, a distributed publish/subscribe system. The talk will also highlight our ongoing work on integrating these two systems and some future directions.

Bio: Ugur Cetintemel is an assistant professor in the Computer Science Department at Brown University. He received a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Maryland, College Park, in 2001. His current work focuses on the architecture and performance of advanced database systems, with an emphasis on streaming data. He is a Brown University Manning Assistant Professor and a recipient of the NSF CAREER Award. He is also a co-founder and a senior architect for StreamBase Inc.

Hosted by: Volkan Isler (x3275)