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Introducing IBM Research Global Labs

Speaker: Ramesh Gopinath
Director, IBM Research, India

Apr 9, 2013 - 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Location: JEC 3117
Hosted By: Dr. Elliot Anshelevich (x6491)


Over the past few years IBM Research has expanded its footprint into growth markets; places with fast growing economies like India, China, Brazil, Africa etc. In this talk I will introduce IBM Research global labs i.e., IBM Research in China, India, Japan, Brazil, Australia and Africa, and give an overview of the exciting problems being worked on and the innovative solutions being developed. The research work going on in these labs cover a broad spectrum of topics in systems (e.g., high-performance computing), software (e.g., distributed computing, mobile, social, cloud and big data analytics), services (innovations in infrastructure services management, application services management and business process management) and industry solutions (Energy, Natural Resources, Telecommunications etc.). The goal of this talk is to introduce IBM research global labs to the university community and talk about some of the exciting opportunities to collaborate with us and - for the adventurous of course! - to work with us in one of these locations.


Ramesh Gopinath PhD is currently the Director of IBM Research, India (IRL) and Chief Technologist IBM - India & South Asia. In this role he is responsible for strategy and execution of IRL's research agenda working in close alignment with the IBM business units in the region & IBM Research labs globally. Until October 2012, Ramesh Gopinath was the Director of Innovative Service Technologies at IBM T. J. Watson Research Center in New York where he had responsibility for Research innovations in support of Cloud offerings from IBM Global Technology Services. He has been with IBM Research since 1994 & over the years has led the delivery of differentiated value to IBM products and offerings in the areas of speech technologies, collaboration, mobile collaboration and most recently Cloud. Ramesh graduated from Rice University (Phd 1993, MS 1990) and Indian Institute of Technology, Chennai (BS 1987).

Last updated: March 14, 2013