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Passing of Terry Hayden

With great sadness, I am writing to tell you that Terry Hayden, Senior Student Services Coordinator the Computer Science Department’s graduate program, passed away Monday afternoon at St. Peter’s Hospital in Albany. Terry had been ill off and on this fall, especially in December.

Terry joined the department in 1995, working first with both undergraduates and graduate students, but then focusing entirely on graduates as the department grew. Every new group of students quickly learned that Terry was a friendly, welcoming presence they could turn to for help with any problem either personal or academic. She kept track of everything, knew everything, worked hard, and was always available. Terry was a strong advocate for students, and watched out for them too, often predicting accurately who was beginning to have problems and needed close attention. Faculty, staff and students all had the highest respect for her. She was the department’s institutional memory. Terry will be greatly missed.

For funeral arrangements, please see http://www.brycefuneralhome.com/notices/Theresa-Hayden

Charles Stewart, Ph.D.
Professor of Computer Science and Department Head
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Troy, NY USA