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Adali, Sibel Ph.D., Professor and Associate Department Head

Social networking; trust; multimedia database systems; information integration; semantic web.

Anshelevich, Elliot Ph.D., Associate Professor

Design and analysis of algorithms, especially for large decentralized networks. Strategic agents in networks and algorithmic game theory; approximation algorithms.

Berman, Francine Ph.D., IEEE Fellow, ACM Fellow, Edward G. Hamilton Distinguished Professor

Big data and data cyberinfrastructure, preservation and access; e-science; grid, parallel, and high performance computing.

Carothers, Christopher Ph.D., Director, Center for Computational Innovations, Professor

Massively parallel computing; parallel discrete-event simulation; systems simulations.

Cutler, Barbara Ph.D., Associate Professor

Computer graphics; visualization; geometry processing; algorithms; design tools for architecture.

Gittens, Alex Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Computational and statistical applications of probability and functional analysis.

Hardwick, Martin Ph.D., Professor

Data management systems for engineering and manufacturing applications.

Hendler, Jim Ph.D., IEEE Fellow, Director of Rensselaer Institute for Data Exploration and Applications, Tetherless World Constellation Chair

Artificial intelligence, semantic web, web science, agent-based computing, open government data and high performance processing.

Ji, Heng Ph.D., Edward G. Hamilton Development Chair and Associate Professor

Natural language processing, in particular cross-source information extraction and knowledge base population.

Krishnamoorthy, Mukkai Ph.D., Associate Professor

Programming environments; design and analysis of combinatorial algorithms; open source software development issues; performance issues in internet; analysis of web documents; network visualization.

Magdon-Ismail, Malik Ph.D., Professor

Theory, algorithms and applications of computational learning systems; computational finance; bioinformatics, social and communication network analysis.

McGuinness, Deborah L. Ph.D., AAAS Fellow, Tetherless World Constellation Chair

Semantic web, explanation of intelligent systems, semantically-enabled informatics, semantic eScience.

Milanova, Ana Ph.D., Associate Professor

Software engineering, programming languages, compilers, program analysis, software testing, verification, reliable software systems.

Patterson, Stacy Ph.D., Clare Boothe Luce Assistant Professor

Distributed algorithms, in particular for coordination, estimation, and optimization; cooperative control and dynamical systems; computer, sensor, and vehicle networks.

Slota, George M. Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Graph and network mining, big data analytics, machine learning, bioinformatics, and their relation to parallel, scientific, and high performance computing.

Spooner, David Ph.D., Professor and Associate Dean of Science

Information security, computer science and information technology education.

Stewart, Charles Ph.D., Professor and Department Head

Computer vision; biological and environmental applications.

Szymanski, Boleslaw Ph.D., IEEE Fellow, Claire and Roland Schmitt Distinguished Professor, Director of the Center for Network Science and Engineering

Social networks; computer and sensor networks; distributed and parallel computing; distributed simulation.

Trinkle, Jeff Ph.D., IEEE Fellow, Professor

Robotics, manufacturing automation, physics engines, human-machine interaction.

Varela, Carlos Ph.D., Associate Professor

Concurrent programming models and languages, adaptive scalable distributed computing, computational science and engineering.

Xia, Lirong Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Economics and computation, artificial intelligence, multiagent systems, machine learning, game theory, mechanism design, social choice, algorithm design.

Yener, Bülent Ph.D., IEEE Fellow, Professor and Director of Data Science Research Center

Computer networks; biological networks, bioinformatics, security, combinatorial optimization.

Zaki, Mohammed Ph.D., Professor

Data mining; machine learning; bioinformatics; complex graphs and networks; data science; high performance computing.

Zikas, Vassilis Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Cryptography, computer security, game theory, distributed computing.

Affiliated Faculty:

Bennett, Kristin Ph.D., Professor

Mathematical programming, optimization, machine learning, data mining, support vector machines, and applications of data mining to bioinformatics, cheminformatics, finance, science and engineering. (Joint appointment with Mathematical Sciences.)

Bringsjord, Selmer Ph.D., Professor and Director of Rensselaer AI and Reasoning Laboratory

Artificial intelligence, specifically including: logical, mathematical and philosophical foundations of AI; AI and creativity; AI and economics/finance/business; reasoning-based systems for homeland defense/intelligence analysis; automated reasoning; automatic story generation and narrative control; intelligent tutoring systems (for teaching logic and logic-based programming). (Joint appointment with Cognitive Science)

Bystroff, Christopher Ph.D., Professor

Bioinformatics; protein folding, engineering and design; molecular simulations. (Joint appointment with Biology.)

Eglash, Ron Ph.D., Professor

Computational models of cultural designs; Broadening Participation; K-12 STEM education; Self-organization. (Joint Appointment with Science and Technology Studies.)

Fox, Peter Ph.D., Director of Information Technology and Web Science, Tetherless World Constellation Chair

Semantic web, semantic e-science, data intensive science, virtual observatories, virtual organizations, data grids, high performance computing, collaborative science, sensor web, solar-terrestrial physics, solar variability. (Joint appointment with Earth and Environmental Science.)

Franklin, Wm. Randolph Ph.D., Professor

Computational cartography; computational geometry; computer graphics; geographic information science. (Joint appointment with Electrical, Computer, and Systems Engineering.)

Gray, Wayne Ph.D., Professor

Integrated cognitive systems, computational cognitive modeling, cognitive social science, cognitive engineering. Interested in basic and applied research that leads to understanding the interplay of natural interaction in routine human-human, human-machine, and human-information interactive behavior. (Joint appointment with Cognitive Science.)

Isaacson, David Ph.D., Professor

Mathematical and computational problems arising in the diagnosis and treatment of heart disease and breast cancer. (Joint appointment with Mathematical Sciences.)

McLaughlin, Harry Ph.D., Professor

Applied geometry; computational geometry, complex systems. (Joint appointment with Mathematical Sciences.)

Nirenburg, Sergei Ph.D., Professor

Computational models of human cognitive abilities, computational theory of the mind, modeling societies of intelligent agents, intelligent agent systems and environments, integration of physiological and cognitive modeling, intelligent agents for clinical medicine, intelligent advisors and instructors, computational linguistics: ontological semantics, pragmatics, discourse, dialog, acquisition, representation and maintenance of knowledge about the world and about language, computational descriptive linguistics, linguistic engineering for lesser-studied languages. (Joint appointment with Cognitive Science.)

Shephard, Mark Ph.D., Director of Scientific Computation Research Center, Professor

Scientific computation; mesh generation;adaptive and parallel finite elements and multiscale methods. (Joint appointment with Mechanical, Aerospace, and Nuclear Engineering.)

Sun, Ron Ph.D., IEEE Fellow, Professor

Computational cognitive modeling, cognitive social sciences, cognitive social simulation, neural networks, multi-agent systems, machine learning. (Joint appointment with Cognitive Science.)

Wozny, Michael Ph.D., Professor

Computer graphics; computer-aided geometric design; information systems in engineering design and manufacturing. (Joint appointment with Electrical, Computer and Systems Engineering.)


Goldschmidt, David E. Ph.D., Executive Officer

Operating systems; network programming; programming languages; software engineering.

Holzbauer, Herbert "Buster" O. Ph.D., Lecturer

Computer networking, particularly transport layer protocols; social networks.

LaPre, Justin M. Ph.D., Lecturer

Parallel discrete-event simulation; high performance computing; compilers and program analysis.

Liu, Ingrid Y. Ph.D., Lecturer

Software engineering; image processing; educational online testing.

Thompson, William Ph.D., Senior Lecturer

Bioinformatics, signal detection in DNA and RNA, RNA secondary structure prediction, RNA editing.

Emeritus Professors:

Flaherty, Joseph Ph.D., Amos Eaton Professor Emeritus

Scientific computation; adaptive and parallel solution techniques; numerical analysis.

Glinert, Ephraim Ph.D.

Assistive technology, universal access; human-computer interaction, multimedia information visualization.

Goldberg, Mark Ph.D., Professor

Experimental design and analysis of algorithms; combinatorics and graph theory; applications to social networks.

Musser, David Ph.D.

Programming methodology; generic software libraries; formal methods of specification and verification.

Rogers, Edwin H. Ph.D.

Collaborative computing; group operating systems; modeling paradigms.