Interactive Graph Drawing


This is the homepage for a Java-based system for doing interactive graph drawing on the WWW, inspired by Arthur van Hoff's early GraphLayout Java demonstration applet. The full system, as well as the source, can be accessed through these pages. There is a manual page, containing instructions on how to use the system.


Interactive Graph Input

You can enter your own graphs, in a variety of formats, e.g., adjacency matrix, and start up the graph drawing system with them as input.

Graph Gallery

You can immediately start drawing one of the following graphs:

Please Note

Netscape 2.0 NOW! The graph drawing system currently requires the Netscape 2.0 browser. You can retrieve it for your system by pressing the ``Netscape Now!'' button. Please note that Windows 95 has difficulty in running Java and is therefore not a good platform to use the system.


The system was implemented primarily by Úlfar Erlingsson, but in collaboration with Mukkai Krishnamoorthy. The implementation would not have been possible without the excellent resources provided freely by the Java community and available on the WWW, such as everything to be found on Gamelan.