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Log Markup Language (LOGML) is an XML 1.0 application designed to describe log reports of web servers. Web-data mining is one of the current hot topics in computer science. Mining data that has been collected from web server logfiles, is not only  useful for studying customer choices, but also helps in organizing web pages. This is accomplished by knowing which web pages are most frequently accessed by the web surfers. The structure of a web site is represented as a web graph (see the XGMML draft specification). In mining the data from the log statistics, we use the web graph in annotating the log information. Further we give summary reports, comprising of information such as client sites, types of browsers and the usage time statistics. We also gather the client activity in a web site as a subgraph of the web site graph. This subgraph can be used to get better understanding of general user activity in the web site.
In LOGML, we create a new XML vocabulary to structurally express the contents of the logfile information.

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