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Building dvc3d for linux

$ Prerequisites
  • a few linux packages need to be installed before dvc3d can be built
  • build_essentials, python3.1 (must be installed from source on Ubuntu 12.04), libsamplerate(dev)(more might need to be added to this list)

$ Source code

$ Path solver

$ Use cmake to generate makefile
  • cd build_linux
  • ccmake ..
  • Note: path to Python3.1 must be set manually

$ The options should look as follows
  • cmake options

$ Run make to build the package
  • make -j5 (-j5 means using up to 5 threads for compiling)

Building dvc3d for windows

All the software I used was 32 bit. Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 CMake Python 3.1

1) Download the source code of the tool : ( around 88 MB, ~300 MB uncompress )

2) Uncompress it to anywhere. You should see a sub directory named blender in the root one.

3) Download all dependent libraries of Blender from here: You will need to choose the right platform and a SVN client to download them Once done, you should have in your root directory: - blender <- all files from in my website - lib <- create this folder - windows <-- for windows 32 bit. Don't try to use windows 64 bit yet because it's not stable

4) download dVC3d dependent: dVC3d only need pathlib from You will need to get a license from to unlock its strength

5) Move windows into lib, extract pathlib and move it to lib/windows/pathlib

Then now you pretty much have what I have in my dev computer. dVC3d + Blender tool uses CMake to set up.

Needed to add these files to the C:\Windows\System32 folder:





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