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Grasping experiments with newly upgraded 7-dof arm

Reactive Grasping II:

Description: Robot reacting to contact to achieve a successful grasp on a cinder-block shaped object.

Reactive Grasping I:

Description: Reactive adjustment without visual perception is demonstrated in the video. It can be used to correct small localization error and controller positioning error. There's no tactile sensor installed on the fingers. Only gripper force sensor and force-torque sensor data are utilized to detect contact and decide which finger is in contact with the object. A reactive controller is running remotely to guide the robot to explore the object surrounding.

Description: A WAM with a Schunk gripper attached performing a compliant close. The contact mode was detected with the Force/Torque sensor on the wrist of the WAM.

Description: WAM with a Schunk Gripper attached performing a reactive grasp. Contact is detected with the Force/Torque sensor on the wrist of the WAM.

Description: autonomous planned grasp performed on a cylinder, block and an u-channel shaped object

Grasping experiment i & ii

Description: autonomous grasp performed on a cylinder at different locations with Barrett arm using planned grasp pose from Graspit!

WAM Teleoperation with simulated WAM

Description: The simulated WAM is being operated by Jed with keyboard and the WAM follows its move

-- LiZhang - 2011-11-20
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